Heuristics Software

poker software

Super Poker - AI Game by Mega Games

Super Poker is developed as an AI project by taking inputs from various professional players and by studying heuristics suggested for this game. Computer plays by a predetermined procedure which is unlike many other games is not randomized.

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espresso software

Espresso by Kidmoses.com

Espresso permissions-based email client completely eliminates spam as you define it from your Inbox.

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any software

Any Time by FMJ-Software

Any Time lets you independently take control of the time, the pitch, and the sample rate of an audio recording. - Do time stretching. - Do pitch scaling. - Do sample rate conversion. - Recreate missing high-frequency components. - And more!

any audio time pitch sample rate stretch conversion shift stretching scaling shifting

antispam software

Antispam Scanner by Alexander G. Styopkin

Do you use anti-spam solution but still receive tons of unsolicited e-mails that hurt your business? Antispam Scanner uses a unique algorithm that lets you connect to your mailbox, purge it free from spam and then download only valid messages.

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spam software

Apocgraphy - Full spectrum e-mail protection by Apocgraphy

Apocgraphy is a program that works with your current e-mail reader analyzing your e-mail and protecting you against a full range of damaging and time wasting e-mails, including spam, viruses, hoaxes and more.

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