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file software

Comparator Fast by D.S.M./Interdesigner

Simplifies the comparison / verification / synchronization status of two different directories on any media (local drives, network drives, writable CD's, Compact Flash and electronic media, any drive/disk or device managed as valid windows pathnames)

file comparator synchronizer backup tools utlities comparator fast data verifier synchronization comparison verification scan file comparator touch time

dumphex software

DumpHex by Robert Bachmann

DumpHex is a Hex-Viewer for the Win32-command line. With its capabilities of changing all settings, from "start offset of hex dump" to "non printable char" per command line, DumpHex is a very useful tool for programmers.

dumphex hex dump dumphex configurable win32 command line hex-viewer programmers

file manager software

Directory Opus by GPSoftware

Directory Opus is an extremely powerful and configurable file manager/Explorer replacement for Windows. PCPlus Magazine (UK) said "Simply the best File Manager and Windows Explorer Replacement known to man."

file manager ftp zip explorer explorer replacement opus dopus directory utility dirutil commander xtree powerful configurable file manager explorer replacement windows

dbfutils software

dbfUtils by GW Associates

The ultimate Database Editor/Utility.dbfUtils is a convenient, full-featured utility for viewing, editing, modifying, converting and exporting DBF-format databasesIt allows you to add, delete, recall, sort, zap, pack records, view and edit tables.

dbfutils data dictionary foxpro dbf viewer dbf file dbf editor clipper datadictionary ultimate database editor viewer view modify dbf files indexes

text software

evolvEd by David Gabrielsen

General purpose text editor useful for web developing, programming and scripting. Easy to use, with all the features a power user requires.

text editor text editor evolved free notepad html editor develop program c++ java streamserve simula c# c php html perl cgi hex syntax highlight xml casdading style sheets css delphi pascal delphi pascal asp awk cobol

duplicate software

Space Hound 32 by Fineware Systems

Sniff out wasted space with The Best Duplicate File Finder available. Space Hound 32 eliminates duplicate and unused files that are cluttering up your hard drive and causing problems. Uncludes File & Directory Management, Zip & Unzip, file Viewers,

duplicate file finder unistall disk manager file tools utility disk folders move copy uninstall remove delete view hex icons cleanup clean dll finder

launcher software

Maverick Launch Centre by Cathonian Software

A powerful and flexible launcher combining ease of use with a myriad of features including an alarm clock, a hex file viewer, an advanced font viewer, a file wiper, a file/disk profiler, a file toucher, a zip reader/writer and a zip repair tool.

launcher launchpad program launcher application launcher desktop enhancements desktop tools utilities file eraser file wiper zip zip sfx zipfix zip fix disk profiler file touch disk scanner

hex editor software

Hexprobe Hex Editor by Hexprobe System

A professional hex editor for manipulating binary files, disk drives, and system processes, particularly helpful in the areas of hex-byte editing, byte-pattern analysis, for example: IT security.

hex editor hex viewer hex calculator hex search disk sector editor process viewer hexadecimal editor hex to dec hex to c hex to html hex file compare

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