Hexagonal Software

puzzle software

Hexcell by Igelkotte software

A variety of addictive hexagonal puzzles with explosives, swappers and rotators. More than 10000 unique puzzle targets result in almost endless gameplay variation. Gradually increasing challenges through expert, master, and genius skill levels.

puzzle addictive puzzles explosives swappers rotators

logic software

Hexip by Yoogi Logic Games

Classic battleship puzzles in hexagonal grid. Find the hidden fleet in the hexagonal grid using simple logic. You could start as a cadet playing easy puzzles and reach the rank of captain solving challenging ones.

logic logical battleship puzzle educational education paper pencil hex battleship puzzles uncover enemy fleet hiding deep sea

game software

Abalone by Random Software

An instant favorite, this beautifully rendered strategy game is played on a hexagonal board with colored marbles. Push your opponent around--and off the board entirely--before he does the same to you.

game strategy board abalone marble beautifully rendered strategy game played board

tetris software

Absolute Tetris Cup by Absolutist.com

Absolute Tetris Cup allows you to play six different kinds of tetris and to take part in the World Championship. Game includes completely new variants that use blocks build of hexagons and triangles. The classic tetris and pentices are also included

tetris hex puzzle game free bee tournament championship internet prize contest games lines blocks graphics 3d freeware shareware download newest smart eyes strategy arcade funny

game software

Tetorganizer by GameYard.com

Tetris Organizer is a real must have game for every tetris and arcade lover. It packs eighteen different tetris games in one and will bring great fun to your desktop. A score of different games plus skill levels, great design. Upgrades are free.

game free download tetris lines arcade board puzzle scores awards color paint blocks mosaic puzzle arcade board multi player

messenger software

MSN Color Selector by Aerodynamica Software

MSN Color Selector allows for the selection of a different font color for messages sent in Messenger conversations other than the default 16 colors. You can select from over 16 million different colors and hues. It also supports both Messenger 4 & 5!

messenger microsoft msn windows aerodynamica color font change select selector changer picker pick ms msmsgs messaging instant

screensaver software

Hexa Screensaver by Alhena Software

Very wide variety of abstract minimalistic-style animations! You won't believe, but all of them are just mix of waves, hexagons and colors. The effect can be from eye-catching and relaxing to addictive and even hypnotizing. You have to see it!

screensaver abstract hexagon wave grid hexa minimalistic wireframe animation unusual really eye-catching wave animations 3d beautiful unusual

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