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Diamonds1.5-self-extract.exe by Douglas Adams & Co

Diamonds...has sweet graphics...sound...45 levels...hi-score recorder...plus the ability to design your own game with the level editor!!! Level editor included

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Happy Note! Note Cracker by Happy Note!

A real computer game (Lives, Points) to learn about musical symbols. Note Cracker is a game for people of all ages that the entire family will enjoy. It features 4 gaming speeds and a Hi-Score list that keeps track of the 10 highest scores.

music note duration game whole note whole rest half note half rest quarter note quarter rest height note height rest musical symbol real computer game points lives broadcast quality learn music fun way

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Skull-Man by Michael Hoffmann

Clone of the famous arcade game. In Skull-Man, you move the "hero" as usually though a maze and make him devour all the video wafers and power tablets. Of course, your scores are saved with your name.

arcade maze pac-man clone famous arcade game features several mazes message file table

arcade software

Astrorix Gold by Michael Hoffmann

Astrorix is a traditional bat & ball game. The bat must be moved using the mouse to keep the ball inside the playfield and destroy the blocks. The game includes a highscore table and several additional features.

arcade bat ball breakout arkanoid skullbyte malign black classical bat ball game including word spelling table some surprises

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