Hourly Software

scheduler software

Employee Scheduler for Excel and OpenOffice by MakeSchedules.com

The Employee Scheduler is an affordable spreadsheet to help you schedule hourly employees and manage your labor costs as a percentage of sales. (Requires Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice to run).

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weather software

WeatherMan by TPA Software

FREE Definitive Desktop Weather Manager with hourly weather updates, daily, weekend and extended weather forecasts, dopplar radar and forecast maps. Store multiple cities with detailed weather conditions. Condtions available via system tray ToolTip.

weather desktop weather forecast weekend daily extended radar maps watcher pulse history temperature humidity weatherman free

mouse software

Activity Monitor by Sarafian

An application that logs locally all keyboard and mouse activity silently. Data are hourly detailed and can be presented by the application itself or by an excel sheet

mouse keyboard monitor capture global

paywindow software

PayWindow Payroll System by ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc.

Pay by any pay period; hourly, salaried, commissioned, non-employee workers; prints Checks, 941, W2s, 1099-MISC forms and reports galore! 20 years of experience make this the most user friendly and easiest to use payroll ever. 2003 SIC Winner!

paywindow payroll business accounting zpay employee employer human resources fica taxes pay pay period salaried commissioned non-employee workers

markosoft software

Time Clock by Markosoft Inc

Keep track of the time you spend working on specific tasks with Markosoft's Time Clock. Use the Time Clock to set up quick keys for clocking into common tasks, configure different hourly rates for each job you are working on, and print invoices.

markosoft timeclock time clocks invoices software hours minutes timeclocks keep track time spend working specific tasks time clock

timesheets software

Timesheets Lite by Moving Target Software

Timesheets Lite is a piece of software written for companies that cost their employees time on an hourly basis.

timesheets projects invoicing timesheets lite our free timesheeting software

shareware software

downloadpipe.com.au by Crystal Software

Start running your OWN download site in a matter of hours! Promote your ISP, your software, or simply use it as a revenue raising tool! With content updated hourly with no intervention from you, what could be simpler!

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skynergy software

TaskPrompt by Skynergy

Complete all your daily and scheduled tasks on time. TaskPrompt is a task reminder utility. You can add tasks and categorize them. Set the task's occurrence to Immediate, Todo, Minutes, Hourly, Hours, Daily, Days, Weekly, Weeks, Monthly, etc.

skynergy task tasks taskprompt task prompt reminder contact manager complete daily scheduled tasks time

weather software

WeatherAloud by NextUp.com

WeatherAloud reads weather forecasts and conditions aloud from over 7500 locations worldwide. Wake up to your local forecast, listen to hourly temperatures from your favorite vacation spot, or hear conditions where your distant loved ones are.

weather forecast news web voice synthesis audio talking software aloud assistive technology reads weather forecasts conditions aloud over 7500 locations

comfortair software

ComfortAir HVAC Software by Baltik Engineering Limited

ComfortAir HVAC software is designed to be used by engineers, architects, contractors and energy auditors for calculating and analysing heating and air conditioning hourly loads in commercial buildings. Units can be set to English or Metric.

comfortair air conditioning hvac cooling heating loads calculation heat loss gain design buildings calculator sizing estimating estimate estimation load building zone chiller conditioner btu


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