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lyttlesoft software

KeyType by Lyttlesoft Studios

Add a certain depth of customization to your personal computer with this fun gadget that will make your computer sound like an old styled type writer.

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lyttlesoft software

Screenshot Export by Lyttlesoft Studios

Quickly and easily save desktop or game screenshots to your computer in Bitmap or Jpeg format.Useful for reviewers, beta testers, technical support or just for taking "pictures" of your desktop.

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diet software

A Personal Diet Fitness Manager by BPSoftware-Colorado

This program is for those who are interested in losing weight and keeping track of nutritional intake on a daily basis. The USDA database with 6,200 food items is used as input and meals can be made for iput ease. Calculators, graphs, printing, more.

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music software

Music Publisher by Braeburn Software

Music notation software with a completely intuitive interface which leaves you in complete control over the printed page. Includes sound and MIDI output and there is an optional scanning-in module (MP Scan)

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midi converter software

MID Converter by PS Software Development

MID Converter is an easy-to-use program designed for converting your multiple midi files easily with the one click of a button. You can use MID Converter to playback files directly in the program as well.

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privacy software

SecretWeb by L-Tech

This is not a fancy web browser but it is not an ordinary WebBrowser either. What it does is for your privacy from people around you, at home or office.

privacy secret hiding webbrowser dont people around home office know youre surfing

internet software

NewsAgent by Henric Rosengren Evenlind

NewsAgent is a software product which can provide the user with the latest news and information related to preferences set by the user.

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