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123 HTML Protector by Eraidea Technologies Inc

123 HTML Protector is a software to protect your web pages and prevent others from viewing and reusing your web page source code, including HTML source code, JavaScript, VBScript, text, links and graphics.

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AeroTags HTML Password Protector by AeroTags Software

Use this unique HTML and TXT files password protection utility to turn HTML and text files into new HTML files with customizable password verification form! Command line and wizard modes along with one-click power protection make it a must-have!

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html protector software

HTML-Protector by WCCL

Protect your site from thiefs! Hide your PayPal links! Encrypt e-mail links and stop spam! Lock pages in your site! Automatically break your pages out of frames! Password protect any page! And more - with HTML-Protector 2004.

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byterun software

ByteRun HTML Protector by ByteRun

Completely protect your web site, encrypt source of HTML pages, protect your JavaScript, web design, content. Optionally disable offline browsing, showing links, text selection, right click on pages, set password, insert copyright info and more.

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html software

Advanced HTML Protector by Creabit Ltd.

Protect your hard work on the web (text, links, graphics, HTML) from being stolen by cyber-thieves. Disable right mouse click, text selection, page printing, offline use, drag-and-drop, links display, etc.

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