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Magic Ellipses by Astral Visuals

Magic Ellipses creates thousands of fascinating ellipsoid shapes. These ellipses are interdimensional, which means that they exist outside the ordinarytime-space that we live in. Let yourself be hypnotized by this neverending flow of Magic Ellipses!

3d ellipse psychedelic mandala trance hypnotic eye candy nature nature space

3d software

Nuclear visions by Astral Visuals

If you travel deep into microcosmos inside the nucleus of an atom into the world of the quarks, you might see these visuals. Let yourself be hypnotized by this never ending flow of Nuclear visions.

3d cosmos psychedelic mandala trance hypnotic eye candy trippy fractal virtual reality

funny worms software

Funny Worms by Astatix Software

After starting this program you will see thousands of colored worms, fancy crawling on the screen and eating the surface of your desktop. During executing the screen saver, you prolong life of your monitor, saving it from early death.

funny worms desktop eat windows magic effects screen saver thousands colored worms fancy crawl screen eat desktop

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