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activity software

Activity Timer by Robert Inventor

Find out how many hours you spend on activities. Musical alarms. Eye protection reminders. Databases with details of ttimes for each day. Tray icon with pie chart to show amount of time in current session. Teach Activity Tmer to speak your language.

keep an eye work session new project splash screen computer easy reminders

icon software

free Image 2 Icon Converter by EIPC

Convert from bmp, jpeg, metafiles to transparent icons. you can convert more than one file at the same time, you can also, select the transparent color .EIPC''s Image 2 Icon Converter has a wonderful interface which is easy to use.

desktop gif icon bmp jpeg image converter

icon software

Icon Seizer by Kylinsoft, Inc.

Icon Seizer is a user-friendly icon tool, helps to explore, view and extract all available icons from various file formats like .icl, .dll, .exe, .ocx, .cpl, .drv, .scr, .ico, etc. Icons can be saved to disk file or copied to clipboard.

user friendly ocx cpl file formats clipboard seizer

macromedia flash software

Versiown by Goldshell Digital Media

Give your projects a more personal & professional touch! Versiown replaces the version info of a Macromedia Director or Flash projector into info that you choose yourself. Versiown ALSO replaces the icon into one that you choose yourself.

personal professional right click menu wizard interface macromedia programs top menu bar version 7

gray icons software

Gray Icon Collection by NTechnologies Inc

Gray icon collection by Nika is a new collection of high quality icons for your blogs, websites and applications. It includes such popular icons as desktop icons, hardware, e-mail, arrows, numbers, music, film and other.

arrows e mail desktop icons music icons quality icons mail icons

 desktop software

Manganese Menu by BiBa SOFTWARE

The software allows you to specify an icon that resides on the desktop. When hovering over the icon or left clicking on it, a simple menu is displayed with all your shortcuts. The menu is composed of sections, allowing a quick and easy access to your

shortcut icons easy access font name custom image shortcuts

shell extension software

EZShellExtensionsMFC by Sky Software

EZShellExtensionsMFC is a set of components for fast, painless development of any kind of Windows shell extensions including context menu, property sheet, infotip, thumbnail, icon, overlay icon and drag-drop extensions as well as taskbar bands .

contextmenu ezshellextensions explorer bar mfc property sheet bandobject thumbnail

mac os x icons software

Black and Blue Icons by Icon Drawer

Black and Blue Icons is an icon set of 6 Mac OS X application icons such as iChat, iPhoto, iTunes, Address Book, Text Edit, iCal in black and blue colors.

mac os x os x address book colors iphoto

shutdown software

DirectShutdown by DLAO Software

Quickly shutdown, reboot, logoff, hibernate, standby or lock workstation by clicking program''s icon in the system tray or by pressing a defined hotkey.

mouse button logoff shutdowns reboot start button shut down windows

ms pacman software

DigiMode Ms PacMan Package by DigiMode

Now you can play this classic games we all loved since the early 80s within any windows operating system. just double click on the program's icon and you are done. press c in the keyboard for initial settings.

windoows ms pacman digimode classic arcade pacman classic arcade game


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