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buensoft software

Buensoft Ingles by

BuenSoft Ingles is a free innovative listening-based interactive program with 14 interactive games designed to give learners of all ages a fast and easy way to have fun and improve their English

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java software

NewsMaker by

NewsMaker is a smooth-scrolling text scroller that reads items and links from a text file. Includes free software tool to make message-and-link file. Supports background images and sound. Automatic headlining, auto-wrapping, text justification, more.

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pdf to dwg software

PDF to DWG by PDF to DXF

PDF to DWG is a powerful windows program that will help you convert your PDF files to usable and editable DXF/DWG files quickly and easily. You can import DXF files into AutoCAD and save them as DWG format.

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computer vision software

VisionLab .NET by Mitov Software

.NET 2.0 Basic Computer Vision Library. Motion, and Image recognition (Canny, Hough Lines, Contour Finder, and more.). Allows rapid development with almost zero lines of code. Includes video capture components. Free for non-commercial use.

computer vision motion detect object tracking canny hough contours

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