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image metadata software

ImageProperties .NET by Element-IT Software

ImageProperties .NET control reads and writes a comprehensive range of meta data from image files. It''s support all various formats of the EXIF data and offers methods to read and write data in friendly format.

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wininstall 8 provides an msi packager software

WinINSTALL by OnDemand Software

WinINSTALL 8 provides an MSI packager, patch management system, asset management, 8 distribution methodologies, results reporting and notification in a single product. Integrates with directory systems.

wininstall 8 provides an msi packager patch management system asset management 8 distribution methodologies wininstall 8 msi packager manager distribution system

wallpaper software

Live Desktop by Dancing Bits

Have a new wallpaper automatically downloaded and installed into your desktop every day. Create your own slideshow screensavers with music and impressive smooth image transitions including your own photos or choose from 12,000+ desktop-size pictures.

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quicktime software

QuickTime Plugin by MediaLooks

MediaLooks QuickTime Plugin is a free DirectShow filter that enables QuickTime media playback in Windows Media Player, Winamp, BS.Player, Media Player Classic, KM Player and Zoom Player. The original QuickTime Player is required.

quicktime mov directshow winamp media player wmp directshow

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