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message software

Message Organizer Deluxe by PrimaSoft PC

Message Organizer Deluxe is a simple yet complete phone call, phone message, and in-persons visit management software for Windows users. Our software helps to record, track, and manage all messages for your office.

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ftp server software

BlackMoon FTP Server by Selom Ofori

BlackMoon is a native windows2000 and XP ftp server application with features such as virtual directories, user accounts, file resuming and passive mode transfers, vb-scriptable, SSL3, multi-port listening plus all the basic ftp commands

ftp server server ftp windows 2000 win2k xp windows ssl native ftp server windows 2000 xp

backup software

File Backup Watcher Home Edition by Desktop Software

Manual and semi-automated backup systems are as effective as using a screwdriver for driving nails into wood. Presenting File Backup Watcher, the unique fully automated backup system intended to save the day! Download your free evaluation copy now!

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spam software

Spam Hound by Apocgraphy

Spam Hound is a program that works with your current email reader and blocks spam. Zero configuration is required. Spam Hound automatically detects all email settings. Spam Hound uses Neural Networks to automatically learn to block spam better.

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