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caller id software

CallBlocker by iJEN

Uses your computer modem. Monitors incoming calls. Blocks ONLY calls you choose.

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interactive voice response system software

Interactive Voice Guide by Pingram Marketing

A powerful system that quickly implements a professional voice response

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organiser software

VendAbility by abASE

Full Featured Customer Relationship and Contact Management Software

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telephone software

TRx Personal Phone Call Recorder by NCH Swift Sound

A personal phone line recorder program for Windows

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automated attendant software

AutoSecretary by Computer telephony via voice modems

State of the art digital phone secretary featuring AI to handle user voice input

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talking software

AccuBell Talking Caller ID by AccuBell Technologies

Announces caller number. Popup shows Name,Number,Date,Time. Block unwanted calls

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call software

The Call Terminator by Phonesoft Systems

Speaks the name of the caller and automatically answers/manages unwanted calls.

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