Informational Software

pointcast software

Auto Web View Screensaver by software

View a personalized newscast on your desktop. Cycle through your favorite informational websites as a screensaver. View the latest news, sports, stocks, weather, more. Link to the current page with 1 keystroke. Update the list of pages anytime.

pointcast auto internet page html url view screensaver screen saver sports news stocks financial entertainment weather browser ie internet explorer netscape marquee getright corporate remote update

mp3 software

MP3 Stats by Camtech 2000

MP3 Stats is an easy to use informational tool that will return vital statistics about your MP3 files. That information includes file size, file time, MP version, encoding, frequency, CRC, Copyright and more.

mp3 audio tag mp3 stats easy informational tool will return vital statistics

search software

Blowsearch Toolbar by Adorigin Corp

The Free Blowsearch Toolbar serves as both a way to get relevant information right from your browser as well as a Popup Blocker to stop those annoying ads. The Toolbar includes informational tools such as Web results from the leading search engines.

search search tool mp3 search mp3 thesaurus stock quotes public records horoscopes maps web results yellow pages white pages dictionary toolbar free blowsearch toolbar serves both way get relevant information

astronomical data software

C88 by alcyone software

C88 is an informational tool for amateur astronomers. It provides detailed informations about the celestial sphere objects, visible with naked eyes and for the use of an eyepiece of a modest amateur telescope to observe deep sky objects.

astronomical data stars deep sky objects planets ephemerides astronomy bsc bright stars detailed informations about celestial sphere objects visible eye

recipe software

Home Cookin by Mountain Software

An easy to use recipe database, grocery manager, and meal planning calendar for Windows.

recipe software cooking meals recipes food grocery home cookin recipe software

screensaver software

Stardust Impressionist Paintings Screen Saver by Stardust Software

The Impressionist Paintings 3 Screen Saver displays a collection of 40 images from some of the world's greatest impressionist painters. Includes background music, configurable transitions and settings, optional captions.

screensaver impressionist paintings monet renoir gaugin cezanne collection images some worlds greatest impressionist painters

drive software

DriveWatch (Drive_Watch) by Webadviso

Multi Disk/Path(s) free resource monitoring program

drive space monitor watch drivewatch webadviso resource multi disk path free resource monitoring program


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