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flash video software

Macvide FlashVideo Converter by Macvide

FlashVideo Converter allows you convert any Adobe (Macromedia) Flash (*.swf, *.flv files) to video movie mp4 (iPod Video), MOV, 3GP, ASF/WMV, mpeg files. The converting process allowing human interaction on Flash content during conversion.

flash video mac video flash flash video mac apple mac converter

log software

LogfileTail by Beor Studio

With LogfileTail you can track changes to your log files. Like the famous Unix 'tail' tool LogfileTail outputs the last lines of the file but it has extended features, useful interface and easy interaction with other software you may have.

log monitor trace logfile tail changes output debug log file monitoring utility

ruler software

Desktop Ruler by Coder Ltd.

A Virtual ruler - very useful with spreadsheets, graphic utilities and programming tools. Offers adjustable size, color and transparency, 90 degrees rotation, scale in chosen units, and several behaviors in interaction with mouse and screen.

ruler desktop coder precise measure

mysql software

MySQL Developer Studio by Core Lab Software Development

Powerful database development and administration environment for MySQL. Presents a large set of database tools for simplifying interaction with MySQL and automating the database development process. Comes with detailed documentation and tutorials.

mysql development tool database environment developer sql query data editor builder ide intellisense code completion select explorer

logon software

LogonExpert by Softros Systems, Inc.

LogonExpert is a Windows automatic logon tool for your home/office computer or corporate server. LogonExpert quickly and securely logs in a user by direct interaction with the WinLogon system without using the registry.

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it software

FactotumNOW IT Management Repository by Neu Telekommunikationstechnik

A complete IT Management system! FactotumNOW IT Management Repository consolidates data on your network into consistent views (Asset Management) and is the platform for customer interaction when it comes to Request and Incident Tracking.

it management system data consolidation wsus hp sim gfi nsm gfi nss helpdesk incident change dependency

virtual serial port control software

Virtual Serial Port Control by FabulaTech Inc

Creates virtual COM ports directly from your own programs and fully control them! Provide interaction between serial communications applications and your program! OEM license allows you to distribute this ActiveX control as a part of your software

virtual serial port control virtual serial port activex virtual serial port sdk serial port sdk serial port programming

ppt2video software

Presentation to Video Converter by Geovid

Presentations to Video Converter allows you convert PowerPoint presentations into AVI or mp4 Video without using PowerPoint! The converting process allowing human interaction on PowerPoint content during conversion. PowerPoint is not required!

ppt2video pps2video powerpoint to video ppt to video pps to video.

animals software

Cute Kitties Screensaver by Heavenly Bodies ScreenSavers

This free screen saver features lots of cute cat photos. From kittens, to adult cats, to interaction between cats, dogs and people, this screensaver will pull at your heartstrings.

animals scenics cities family pets cats dogs screensaver screen saver screen saver free freeware shareware free cute kitties human photos

statistics software

Statistics Collector by Delta-Z Software

Statistics Collector is a solution for automatic interaction with communication equipment, received information analysis and saving in structured form.

statistics collector pbx tarification system


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