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broadcasting software

StationPlaylist Studio by

Low-cost digital audio playback software for radio broadcasting & Internet streaming, featuring automated & live assist mode; 48 instant carts; advanced automatic crossfading using 1 soundcard; automatic time announcement support; and much more.

broadcasting radio station automation live assist mp3 mp2 ogg wma wav music audio player broadcast playout playback internet streaming webcasting winamp lpfm

music software

StationPlaylist Creator by

Low cost music & spot scheduler, and playlist creator software for radio station broadcasting & internet streaming. Also suitable for in-store automated music systems.

music scheduler scheduling playlist creation rotation rotations schedule internet streaming broadcasting station automation mp3 ogg voice tracking winamp lpfm

simplecast software

SimpleCast by Spacial Audio Solutions, LLC

Broadcast any sound playing over your soundcard, mic or line-in over the internet! Features MP3, mp3PRO, Ogg and advanced WM9 streaming. Encode at multiple bitrates and multiple formats to multiple server types simultaneously. eal-Time statistics!

simplecast simple cast mp3 mp3pro ogg streaming radio broadcasting flash ads windows media wm9 wm wma broadcast sound playing over soundcard mic line-in over internet

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