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web database software

kaztrix DataBuilder by Kaztrix Software

Design Internet and web ready databases and enhance your web-sites.

web database online database vacation photos database publishing database builder easy database database design web database database creator create database information manager net database searchable database image database multimedia database design internet web ready databases enhance web-sites

music software

MusiCat by NeoLogic AB

freedb-Enabled music collection organizer that is easy to use and very flexible

music collection organize freedb cd vinyl lp md cassette tape mp3 dat freedb-enabled music collection organizer easy flexible

mp3 software

CD2X by Datahjaelp

CD2X read your CD's and convert them to MP3 or OGG files.

mp3 ogg rip dac cd music cd2x read cds convert them mp3 ogg files

cd labeler software

AudioLabel CD Labeler by Cripple Creek Software

Smart cd label software that creates cd covers and jewel case inserts.

cd labeler cd label maker cd label software cd label creator cd labeling software cd cover maker jewel case creator cd cover software cd cover creator print cd cover make cd cover create cd cover printing freedb mp3 cd lable id3 jpg jewel case insert

cd player software

OrangeCD Player by Firetongue Software

OrangeCD Player is a compact taskbar based CD player with FreeDB support.

cd player tray taskbar freedb freeware free orangecd player compact taskbar based cd player freedb support

acdr software

ACDR by FMJ-Software

Audio Compact Disc Reader - Convert your Audio CD's to many other file formats!

acdr cd ripper compact disc reader grabber converter replay gain cdda cd-da utility audio spti aspi utility mp3 wma ogg wav flac ape audio spti

diskcatalog software

Advanced File Organizer by SoftPrime Development

Sort out files stored on all kinds of removable media and on your hard drive.

diskcatalog cataloguer organizer mp3organizer filecatalog disk catalog catalogue diskcatalogue sort files stored kinds removable media hard drive


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