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plugin software

IESnap by Tonec Inc.

IESnap is an Internet Explorer plugin intended to make snapshots of web pages and save resulting image to file.

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stock software

Advanced Stock Bar by Ashkon Technology LLC

Advanced Stock Bar is an Internet Explorer plug-in that simplifies your stock market research. Just enter a stock symbol, select type of report that you want to see and click "Navigate" button to see desired financial data.

stock bar market research quotes real time plugin ie advanced financial advanced explorer plugin stock market research

picture grabber software

1ClickPicGrabber by Zabersoft inc.

Grab movies, pictures and more a off web pages with one click using this advanced IExplorer toolbar and background download engine. Many filtering options, and even picture recognition. technology to aid you in getting the pictures you want!

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index-dat software

Complete Internet Cleanup Lite by PC Mesh

Erase your Internet tracks by clearing the Cache, Cookies and History including index.dat files. Additionally delete the typed URLs, user names, passwords, etc.

index-dat cleanup cookies cache web clear delete erase clean security privacy recycle temp empty utility erase tracks including index dat junk

index-dat software

Complete Internet Cleanup Pro by PC Mesh

Utility to erase your Internet tracks by clearing the Cache, Cookies and History including index.dat files. It can also display the contents of index.dat files. Additionally delete typed URLs, user names, passwords, etc.

index-dat cookies web security delete clean clear erase utility erase tracks view delete index dat securely

internet explorer tools software

Internet Explorer Tools by Game Craze

Internet Explorer Tools is a plugin for Microsoft Internet Explorer which filters all content loaded by Microsoft Internet Explorer from the Internet.

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ie plugins software

IE Contacts Spy by AtomPark Software

IE Contacts Spy automatically extracts and saves contact information from every web site visited. The contacts include e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger and MSN Messenger ID numbers. Get it now!

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