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armjisoft software

AutoCAD OwnerGuard by Armjisoft

AutoCAD OwnerGuard provides a real Security, Distribution, Publishing, Licensing and DRM solution for Autodesk AutoCAD Drawings (DWG). Now you can gain full control over your drawings usages, distribution and ownership rights.

armjisoft autocad ownerguard autodesk drawings autocad drm digital rights management publishing security data ownership copyright protection

armjisoft software

MP3 OwnerGuard by Armjisoft

With MP3 OwnerGuard you can Create, Distribute and Sell your valuable Audios in MP3 format while OwnerGuard protects digital rights for them.

armjisoft mp3 ownerguard media player mp3 drm digital rights management audio marketing digital sounds publishing songs audio security audio ownership copyright protection recording controls limit play time limits audio security

armjisoft software

CHM OwnerGuard by Armjisoft

With CHM OwnerGuard you can Create, Distribute and Sell your valuable Documents, EBooks, Trade Secrets, Research Papers, Reports or any other kind of Information in CHM format while OwnerGuard protects Digital Ownership Rights for them.

armjisoft chm ownerguard microsoft html microsoft compiled html drm chm digital rights management information marketing digital publishing ebooks e-books security data ownership copyright protection print controls limit printing

offline explorer software

Internet Collection by MetaProducts Corporation

Internet Collection combines a powerful offline browser and a fast file downloader in one economic package. It supports the most recent Web technologies and Ftp sites. Built-in internal browser makes offline surfing comfortable.

offline explorer offline reader offline browser offline windows explorer web downloader downloader download mass downloader massdown file downloader speedup download fast download slow connection web downloader zip preview archive

offline ip-locate software

Offline IP-Locate by Fairdell Software

Offline IP-Locate is a simple utility, which allow easy and quickly convert IP-address to country where this host located. Offline IP-Locate allow do it with out connecting to Internet.

offline ip-locate ip to country ip locate ip location convert ip to country where ip located offline ip-locate simple utility which allow convert ip country

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