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gradebook software

VAR Grade by VARed Software

Flexible gradebook program for teachers that has plots, statistics, seating charts, db items, and attendance. It allows an unlimited number of letter or number grades. Full internet support, passwords, printouts any way you want, and whatifs.

gradebook grades grading attendance statistics plot flexible gradebook program teachers plots statistics attendance

postit software

Magic Notes by Eskil Software

Write down ideas, to do lists or anything you can think of regardless of what application you're running with this easy to use sticky note application. Includes a vast number of useful features including repeating alarms, internet support.

postit sticky note windows utility program 95 98 nt print download shareware pim alarm remind 3m

instant messenger software

Active Messenger by ActiveSoft

Active Messenger an instant messaging system for enterprise. It can send messages and exchange documents among co-workers securely. Both LAN and Internet supported. includes both Server and Client.

instant messenger instant messaging server window messenger icq lan messager winpopup instant messaging system enterprise includes both server client

clock software

CLOX 2000 by MiRaGe Audio Visual Media

A superb suite of analog and digital clocks and other timekeeping tools. Featuring timezone clocks, internet time synchronization, alarm, calendar, daylight map and other accessories including stopwatches, countdowns and more.

clock clocks time timezone world stopwatch countdown calendar daylight dst map time zone analog analogue digital internet time metric time decimal synchronize synchronise synchronizer synchroniser adjust automatic ntp

telephone voice changer software

Virtual Personality by Triplebit

A professional telephone voice changer utility. Works with your PC speakers as well as over a telephone and internet. 24 different voices. Supports voice recording of the PC (or any standard phone device on the same line).

telephone voice changer voice changing telephone recorder spying computer voice changers pc voice changer internet yahoo chat instant messenger professional telephone voice changer telephone web support

livehelp software

Flash Livehelp by

Flash Livehelp for web sites, auctions, and/ or disbribution via CD, email, or download

livehelp chat instant messenger flash customer support tools internet support webmaster tools auction tools ebay sales flash livehelp internet sites auctions cd email download

games software

GSMoney Blackjack by GSMoney

The package includes gambling games - GSMoney Solitaire and GSMoney Black Jack. In addition to all opportunities of these famous games it is possible to connect with server and play on money in wap-casino

games java games mobile phone games card games blackjack black jack soliteir wap casino games package includes gambling games gsmoney solitaire gsmoney black jack

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