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time software

iTimeSync by Sinner Computing

iTimeSync synchronizes your computer clock with an internet time server which have very accurate clocks, generally synchronized by the harmonics of an atom. (Thus called an Atomic Clock.) iTimeSync is written in Assembly for maximum efficiency.

time web nist synchronization log assembly clock server sinner

reminder software

WinReminder by SoftLogica LLC

WinReminder is designed to help you keep track of upcoming events through the pop-up window reminders, e-mail or SMS messages. It also features the powerful scheduler, snooze option, grouping the reminders by type and internet time synchronization.

reminder alert date birthday calendar sms alarm scheduler notify software

tweakxp software

Tweaking Toolbox XP by Windows-Help.NET

The utility for any serious Windows tweaker! Change hundreds of registry settings from WinXP, improving appearance and performance. Prevent others from changing your settings, increase Windows security. Administer all user accounts on your computer!

tweakxp tweak windowsxp utility registry changes security control panel start menu tweaking tweakui changes registry settings winxp improving appearance performance

chronos software

Chronos Clock by Rainbow Innovations

Desktop clock allowing multiple clocks & timezones. Timers, multi-function Alarm feature. Calendar/Memo Diary including reminder feature. Speaking Clock using MS Agent.

chronos clocks time zones alarms diary speaking clock powerful desktop clock multiple clocks timezones alarms speaking clock

desktop software

Ace Clock XP by ECREW Developers

Ace clock is a skinable transparent desktop clock with organizer and stickers, skins support, atomic internet time synchronization, fully customizable "see through" display and convenient interface, it is designed to suit any and all your needs

desktop organizer clock sticker synchronization alarm calendar transparent skins free web atomic shell schedule speak organize

clock software

CLOX 2000 by MiRaGe Audio Visual Media

A superb suite of analog and digital clocks and other timekeeping tools. Featuring timezone clocks, internet time synchronization, alarm, calendar, daylight map and other accessories including stopwatches, countdowns and more.

clock clocks time timezone world stopwatch countdown calendar daylight dst map time zone analog analogue digital internet time metric time decimal synchronize synchronise synchronizer synchroniser adjust automatic ntp

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