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Electronic Pilot Logbook (U.S.) by e-pilotworld

.. all FAA aircraft categories and classes, Fields for Alaskan pilots, IFR/VFR currencies (all category+classes), CFI Refresher seminars, Flight Reviews, Medical currencies, FAA Form (Record of Pilot Time, 8710-1), IPC, Fields for Amph. a/c, .., ..

electronic pilot logbook

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uICE by MediaTexX

Control and automate your system with handheld remote controls or multimedia keyboards. Use your computer as a hifi rack with Winamp, watch TV/DVD or give your business presentations the extra touch - controlled with your remote control and uICE!

universal infrared remote control winamp hauppauge wintv creative live-drive livedrive rm-900 audigy audigydrive uir winlirc realmagic hollywood fast media anir logitech ast multimedia keyboard

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