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Heroine Iysayana - Chapter One by Michael Hoffmann

Humorous RPG in the crazy world Byteria. Iysayana's life is nothing but a great orgy until a goddess forces the elf to become a heroine. Explore caves, fight monsters and grow stronger to solve this classical Japanese-style role-playing game.

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japanese slot software

Japanese Slots by DoubleGames.com

This man guards Japanese Slots. When you place your ante, he pulls a handle. While the drum is spinning you can familiarize with win combinations and a game space amazing with graphics and style. Try the guardian's lucky hand and win much money!

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suduko software

Good Old Sudoku by FreeGames4Rest

The most popular logic puzzle in Japan. The rules are simple. Each row, column and minibox comprises the numbers 1 through 9. The solver must complete the missing numbers. Sudoku is recommended by some teachers as an exercise in logical reasoning.

suduko sudoko su do ku sodoku suduku sudoku solver suuji wa dokushin ni kagiru puzlle game play kids numeral logic region nine grid subgrid

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