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tag files software

Tagg by TaggTool

Tagg is a file utility which helps you organize your files through the use of tags. Use it to catalog your personal files as well as your media assets such as clip art,sound files or video clips.

tag files organize files organise files tag tagging tagged files catalog keyword metadata keywords file search desktop search personal files media assets keyword association catalog cdrom

compare software

zsCompare Lite Edition by Zizasoft, LLC

Manually or automatically compare files, folders, text files, source code, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and pdf files. You can even compare files within zip files. The Lite Edition contains basic comparison and synchronization functionality.

compare synchronize file folder text word document excel pdf backup zip jar comparison sync synchronization crc diff

sign software

SignIt! for Windows by XLReader Project

3 features: 1) sign a JAR file (main function), 2) create private keys, 3) manage private keys.

sign signature code signing certificate code signing code signing certificate key private key public key rsa dsa ca cert trust trusted jar thawte verisign gllobalsign entrust

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