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encryption software

CryptoTools by Deux Sortes Inc.

CryptoTools is a multi-language suite of encryption libraries that provides DES and Triple DES (3DES) encryption, as well as Base64 and MD5 encoding . CryptoTools supports C, C++, COM, VB6, Java, C#, VB.NET, VBScript, Java Script, Delphi and more.

encryption component des 3des triple tripledes base64 md5 c c java net vb-net delphi vbscript javascript windows linux coldfusion

email software

0-code Email Address Protector by Hixus Software

0-Code Email Address Protector is a tool for webmasters that can help reduce spam by converting your posted email address to a Java script function or an image that cannot be read by email extraction robots. If a visitor clicks on the email ...

email e-mail address addresses protector protect spam antispam web pages html javascript protect posted email addresses web pages against modern spam bots

web software

Welcome Pro by

Experience this cool web tool, that create a text loading effect on your site, this loading effect looks like flash, but the effect is created entirely in Java Script.

web loading text emtec emtec-no design html programing programming jump link url experience cool web tool create effect site

html code convert software

Html Code Convert by Network Rebusnet

HTML Code Convert helps speed up the conversion of HTML code into different format including Java Script, JavaServer Pages, Microsoft ASP, PHP, Perl, Python, and the UNIX Shell. It is particularly useful in CGI scripting.

html code convert convert java server pages jsp asp php perl python shell cgi sourceforge speed conversion code different format

lightpad software

Light Pad by MetaProducts Corporation

LightPad is a simple yet powerful editor designed for the webmaster. It supports HTML, CSS, Java script, PHP and Perl files editing with syntax highlighting to assist with web development.

lightpad htmlpad easy html editing web autoring design text tools lightpad simple yet powerful editor designed webmaster

java software

JavaScript FH Plus by

JavaScript FH Plus have the biggest collection of Java Scripts that has been published in a program, this is the ultimate source for Java Scripts. The program contains 170 finished Java Scripts, with every java effects you can think of.

java script javascript fh plus applet web encryption photo photo album images fh plus have biggest collection scripts

antivirus software

Solo Antivirus Software by SRN Micro Systems

Solo anti-virus not only scans for all viruses, it contains a unique System Integrity Checker to protect you from new Internet Worms, Backdoor programs, malicious VB and Java scripts. It also effectively removes all existing viruses.

antivirus anti-virus virus protection antivirus download virus removal trojan worm script virus virus detection and repair solo antivirus best effectively fights feature viruses

dropdown software

Drop Menu Applet by Tools Soft Solutions

DropMenu II Applet Features: Vertical Or Horizontal Drop Down Menu . Java Script Support. Sounds Support. Multi Level Support. Multi Language Support. Icon Images Support. You can change any menu item setting. Much More.

dropdown dropdown menu java dropdown dropdown applet drop down drop down menu java drop down drop down applet dropdown menu icons multi-language support

web cam software

CoffeeCup WebCam by CoffeeCup Software, Inc.

Hook up your WebCam, and put LIVE Images online in minutes! You can even have multiple cameras and Websites. Motion Detecting Security is great too.

web cam image web page chat security motion detect hook webcam put live online minutes

dhtml software

Web Menu Builder by Visionary Technologies

The Web Menu builder allows you to create professional looking Web menu/navigation.You can define your own custom style, Icons, Borders styles, and many more ...

dhtml css scripting drop-down web navigation dynamic pull-down pull down pulldown popup hierarchical hier builder nice folders


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