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unit software

UnitStar by Tao Yue

Award-winning unit conversion program. Hundreds of units are included, along with detailed descriptions giving the history and definitions of units. Features include conversion tables, adjustable number of decimal places, and conversion formulas.

unit convert conversion units converter measurement measurements calculations

press releases software

JOC Press Release by JOC Software

A Professional Press Release Distribution system. This program can generate an extraodinary amount of publicity of your products, services, causes or websites.

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surf sense software

Surf Sense by Rosetta Software Ltd

Look up any highlighted text in a Windows program on the internet using a hotkey! Alternatively use the recent word buffer to search for words you''ve already typed. Multiple pre-configured search engines and locales, and customisation capabilities.

surf sense hotkey internet search lookup web words type productivity information buffer media journalism rosetta

personal software

All-in-One Journal by MsjSoftware

A full featured Journal that includes Audio Record & Playback. Great for personalizing your entries, recording your children or grandchildren, leaving messages, reminders and more. Includes the flexibility of sharing your entries with other users.

personal information manager pim daily log personal journal program couples journal software journal for couples personal writing software journal writing diary writing journaling keeping

jigsaw jungle online store for jigsaw puzzles software

JigSaw caucasus 097 by Serge Mikhailov

Jigsaw jungle online store for jigsaw puzzles, d jigsaw puzzles, wooden puzzles, upscale fine art jigsaw puzzles, puzzle accessories, paint by numbers. Venue finder team, we are a specialist corporate venue finding agency and because we are fun

jigsaw jungle online store for jigsaw puzzles d jigsaw puzzles wooden puzzles upscale fine art jigsaw puzzles puzzle accessories paint by numbers. venue finder team we are a specialist corporate venue finding agency and because we are fun

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