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chart software

Easy Chart 3D GEO by GeoBrush International

Easy Chart 3D GEO is easy to use graphical reporting tool for effortless generation of business, management, financial and ad-hoc pie charts (Cylinders and Cubes also supported) of professional quality. Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Access and ODBC support

chart pie 3d oracle sql access jpg tif bmp avi gis business report microsoft odbc excel graph make mdb graphical reporting utility effortless generation reports

screensaver maker software

Professional Screensaver Maker by

A great software to make and distribute screen savers for Windows . It has a fully integrated workspace that permits you to work efficiently and create professional & rich and colorful screen savers in minutes.

screensaver maker make screensaver software create screensaver screensaver builder make screensaver great software make screensavers easily make minutes

media software

DigiMode Maya by DigiMode

DigiMode Maya is an Audio and Multimedia Player for all popular midea types, mp3, ogg, midi, mod, wmf, move, mpg, dat, avi, jpg, bmp, qt, asf, etc. The program is available in few different configurations. Audio , Video, Photo, or All.

media media midia player blayer pleyar bleyar pleyar mp3 audio super mp3 player

digital software

PhotoRefiner by MBS software

PhotoRefiner is an easy to use utility, based on powerful filtering engine, that effectively removes noise from your digital photographs

digital noise image images photo photos photograph photographs photography graphic editor editing multimedia photoshop filter filtering shareware jpg jpeg tool software easy tool effectively removes

password software

Stealth Files by Froebis Interactive

Stealth Files hides any type of file in almost any other type of file. This is called steganography. This is a way of encrypting data so that it is hard to find. You can not decrypt something unless you know what to decrypt...

password recovery aim aol yahoo xp decrypt decode lost forgotten default instantly website outlook ftp rsaci content advisor registry hidden invisible screen saver unmask unhide

ftp software

FtpSearcher by Skyward Software

FtpSearcher is efficient tool tailored to searching for files of various formats: .mp3, .avi, .mpg, .jpg, and so on, on FTP servers. This tool will get the necessary information at your fingertips the moment you need it!

ftp server searcher files find serches files ftp servers

lan software

NetSearcher by Skyward Software

NetSearcher 1.2 is efficient tool tailored to searching for files of various formats: .mp3, .avi, .mpg, .jpg, and so on, on your network shared resources.

lan network searcher files find domain shared hidden resource searches files lan network

raster software

Raster To Vector by Stas Semenov

Raster To Vector converter is the most powerful and absolutely free solution for digitizing vector data from image sources. It combines the power of outline vectorizing technology with many other unique features.

raster vector r2v design drawing illustration graphics analyze powerful absolutely free solution digitizing vector data images

pdf to image converter software

PDF To Image Converter by Inc

Batch convert pdf to image,tiff,jpg,jpeg,bmp,png,gif,emf files,it does support whole PDF file to image file conversion, include text, line, arc, ellipse, Bezier, color, image, form and other type elements

pdf to image converter pdf tools pdf convert to image pdf to tiff pdf view tiff batch convert pdf image tiff jpg jpeg bmp png gif emf files

decision tree software

DTREG by Phillip H. Sherrod

DTREG is a powerful statistical analysis program that generates classification and regression decision trees that model data and can be used to predict values. Single-tree, TreeBoost and Decision tree Models can be created.

decision tree data mining treeboost decision tree forest predictive modeling dtreg generates classification regression decision trees

jpg software

Tiny Banner Network by ShurikSoft

Tiny Banner Network is a banner rotation software for webmasters who owns several web sites and willing to have a several banner ads rotation engines on their websites

jpg swf xml php website ads advertisement advert adv network tiny banner macromedia flash shockwave tiny banner network banner rotation software

html to rtf software

HTML-to-RTF Pro DLL by SautinSoft

HTML-to-RTF Pro DLL component can convert HTML and ASP files into good-looking RTF with tables, images etc. Output rtf file is smaller than input HTML. The DLL component does not require any word-processors. Work in VB, C#, VB.Net, Delphi, Java.

html to rtf html rtf vb-net html to rtf vb-net dll com component dll com version converting html rtf work vb net java vba

windows software

Windows Desktop Randomizer by Rapid Ascent Software Inc.

The Windows Desktop Randomizer will transform your desktop wallpaper and screen saver of your Windows PC into a personal slideshow of your family and friends, your wedding and travels, or any other digital images you may have on your PC.

windows screen saver screen saver screensaver wallpaper desktop random randomizer tool png tiff jpeg jpg gif bmp transform windows desktop screensaver personalized slideshow

with it software

DVDGo Pro by Herculesoft & Homedian

DVDGo Pro is a powerful DVD image capture software, with it, you can capture any images from DVDs

with it you can capture any images from dvds dvdgo pro powerful dvd image capture software

pdf software

pdf-Office by UNIVERSE Software GmbH

Create pdf forms and pdf documents from scratch. With pdf-Office you create sohphisticated documents, texts, pictures, different form fields like text fields or calculating /validating fields very easily - and without any training.

pdf create forms easily save acrobat pdf check box radio button text field password field button field demo create sophisticated pdf forms pdf documents scratch


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