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image editor software

WinGraphic by Neomesh Microsystems

WinGraphic is an all in one image editor, animation editor, batch converter, montage maker and thumbnailer. WinGraphic can apply 44 effects, load 86 image formats, save 63 image formats and save 22 animation/multi-page image formats.

image editor animation editor image converter animation disassembly montage append image thumbnail gif jpg bmp tif pcd pdf

convert software

DOC to Jpeg/Jpg/Tiff/Bmps converter by pdf-convert, Inc

Convert Word DOC RTF to Jpeg/Jpg/Tiff/Bmp/Eps/Ps, DOC to Image converter.

convert create word doc rtf doc to jpeg-jpg-tiff-bmp-eps-ps doc to image converter conversion convert word doc rtf jpeg jpg tiff bmp eps ps doc image converter

convert software

PPT to Jpeg/Jpg/Tiff/Bmps converter by pdf-convert, Inc

Convert PowerPoint PPT to Jpeg/Jpg/Tiff/Bmp/Eps/Ps, PPT to Image converter.

convert create powerpoint ppt ppt to jpeg-jpg-tiff-bmp-eps-ps ppt to image converter conversion convert powerpoint ppt jpeg jpg tiff bmp eps ps ppt image converter

screen capture software

Screen Master by

Screenmaster is a tool for capturing both snapshots and video information from your screen.

screen capture snapshot video capture record screen utility capturing snapshots video screen

photo screensaver maker software

Photo Screensaver Maker by Aone Software

Photo Screensaver Maker is a tool to help you make your own slide-show screensavers with photos, music and text captures.

photo screensaver maker screensaver make screen saver make screensaver build screen saver make slide show picture music images mp3 photo make slide-show screensavers photos music text captures

image software

Batch Images Now by Ace Zip Soft.

Batch Images Now can is an automated batch-imaging editor that allows you to resize, rename and compressing images with a few clicks.It can wrap the converted images into a standalone .Exe file, hence you may send to people with convenient.

image picture resize batch rotate multi shrink big small reduce digital camera photos fit image resizer jpeg resizer image resizing jpg resize picture resize resizer batch resize rename compressing images

dvd software

PhotoDVD by vso-software

PhotoDVD is a simple application which enables you to save a lot of digital photos onto a DVD and create an elegant slideshow with pan and zoom effect. Add optional soundtracks to create a mini movie which you can play on a PC or a home DVD player.

dvd photo save slideshow music movie digital camera burn image copytodvd patin couffin vso software pictures jpg gif bmp ani pcx emf wmf mp3 wma ogg mpc

doc software

SSDocument Converter by SautinSoft

SSDocument Converter is a COM component for converting Microsoft Office documents DOC, XLS, PPT into HTML, TXT, RTF and various other formats. Being a COM component, can be used with platform supporting COM. Requirements: MS Office 2000

doc html xls rtf txt dll convert csv xls convert html doc word to html component dll convert dll convert office 2000 documents doc xls ppt html txt rtf other

file software

A+ File Naming System by eXibition Software

With this software you can easily batch rename MP3 files using embedded ID3 Artist/Album information, or rename hundreds of photos at a time from the unhelpful camera names to names that mean something to you.

file naming batch rename management mp3 picture photo file naming system batch file renaming system mp3s pictures

barcode software

bcTester Barcode Reading and Testing by QS QualitySoft GmbH

bcTester 4.0 is a freeware software for barcode reading (linear and 2 dimensional) on digital images captured by scanning or photographing. A lot of input formats are supported, e.g. BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF, JPG. All common barcode types are recognized.

barcode bar code patchcode patch code recognize detect read reading test testing analyse code bctester qualitysoft image gif tif tiff jpg bmp bitmap digital photo scan scanning

rtf to html software

RTF-to-HTML DLL by SautinSoft

Component for convert RTF and Text in to HTML, XHTML. The DLL component is absolutely standalone and does not require Microsoft Word or other word-processors. Developers my call it from Visual Basic, C#, VB.Net, Delphi, Java etc.

rtf to html txt to html converter dll php asp component vb rtf to converter html dll com convert rtf text html xhtml

3d software

Shape X by Bright Bug Software

Intense 3D objects bounce around your screen as they blast your senses with color effects. Options for this screen saver include: many different shapes, particle systems, motion blur, email, weather data, dynamic wallpaper, news headlines, and more.

3d shapes screen savers graphic animation shareware opengl windows particle systems emitters hearts color stars background pictures wallpaper weather data intense 3d objects bounce around

find software

PictureRelate by Dr. Axel Walthelm

Search for similar pictures, find duplicate pictures. Browse a large number of pictures from different directories and drives in a single list. View pictures, rename, delete, copy&paste, drag&drop, ... Reads JPG, BMP, PNG, and many more.

find duplicate similar pictures images search view browse browse view large number images search similar duplicate images

diary software

KindDiary by KindStudio

KindDiary is a fine and powerful diary software. It is aimed at helping to you write down your daily thoughts, keep your work log, sort out your ideas, and collect your data.

diary work logs notebook work logs some ideas write information collect

3d software

3D Hand Clock by Bright Bug Software

Mesmerizing 3D hand clock with extremely intense vivid color effects while it spins against the stars. This screen saver is jammed pack with features such as weather, e-mail notification, dynamic wallpaper, atomic time, motion blur, and emitters.

3d screen savers analog hand clock timer hearts graphics atomic time alarm stars backgrounds animation shareware opengl video windows pictures special effects motion blur roman


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