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Just After Shot by RD Technologies

Just After Shot is an easy tool to transfer pictures from camera or acquiring paper photo from a scanner. You can easily rename, fix, inject Exif data a bunch of digital pictures. With few clicks you can resample, zip and email pictures to friends.

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forecasting software

Lokad OpenShell Forecasting by Lokad.com

Open source (BSD) PowerShell snap-in featuring CmdLets dedicated to time-series forecasting. Time-series forecasts are used for sales forecasting, staff scheduling, resource planning, inventory management (among many others).

forecasting analysis powershell cmdlets time series statistics

calendar software

Calendar 200X by Joel Graffman

A calendar for the home or small office. Standard calendar items such as holidays are displayed, and various events such as birthdays or appointments can be added. Includes reminders, a daily notebook, an almanac and daily scheduling ability.

calendar almanac schedule notes reminders holidays calendar 200x monthly planning calendar

toolbar software

Anonymous Friend by AllAnonymity

Anonymous Friend masks the IP address by routing traffic through foreign anonymous proxies, letting you surf, read mail, news, participate in newsgroups without getting kicked out

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