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math software

Algebra - One On One by Sheppard Software

Algebra - One on One is an educational game for those wanting a fun way to learn and practice algebra. This program covers 21 functions. It has a practice and a game area. Includes a two player combat game.

math game fun algebra middle school function makes learning algebra fun 21 skill levels learn step step

presidents software

Presidents-Mania by Sheppard Software

Presidents-Mania is an educational game covering 41 Presidents. It has eight levels and lets you choose what time period you wish to cover. Its great pictures and ease of use make it not only educational, but also fun.

presidents history united states american game education fun election learn about us presidents fun game 8 skill levels

math software

Math Function Mania by Sheppard Software

Math Function Mania is a fun multimedia game for grades 7-12 that teaches functions, algebra and problem solving skills. You must first detect which function is being used, and then solve it by clicking on the correct answer.

math algebra game fun puzzle scondary function learn algebraic functions multi-level math game

math software

Brain Builder - Math Edition by Sheppard Software

Over 500 million puzzles in a fun multimedia game ensure unlimited playing time. Sharpen your problem solving by tackling math problems that are presented at precisely your level. Feedback tells how far you've progressed.

math game puzzle fun algebra elementary calculation mental math over 500 million math puzzles multimedia game 16 skill levels

astronomy software

Astro-Mania by Sheppard Software

Astro-Mania is an educational game covering the Universe. It has eight levels and let's you choose what subject area you want to cover. Its great pictures and ease of use makes it not only educational but also fun.

astronomy universe star game education fun planet asteroid galaxy black hole have fun learning astronomy 8 skill levels includes planets stars

geography software

States-Mania by Sheppard Software

States-Mania is an educational game covering our 50 states. It has eight levels and lets you choose which region you wish to cover. Its great pictures and ease of use make it not only educational, but also fun.

geography states history united states american game education fun capitals learn about us geography fun game 8 skill levels

brickles3001 software

Brickles3001 - Brickles for Windows by Space-Time Associates

Brickles3001 is a colorful, soundful, customizable, exciting ball and paddle game. It features adjustable colors and patterns, adjustable ball and paddle sizes, adjustable speed and window sizes. The number of paddles in the game can be changed too.

brickles3001 brickles bricks breakout games arcade teachers elementary school k-12 colorful soundful customizable exciting ball paddle game fun

strategy software

Gazillionaire by LavaMind

Gazillionaire is a business simulation and strategy game of supply and demad. It was selected as a FINALIST in the Ziff-Davis Shareware of the Year Awards and was ranked in the Top 5 of all strategy games. It's used in schools around the world.

strategy games business simulation shareware freeware theme park railroad tycoon monopoly capitalism sim city schools teachers learning downloads free ware educational social studies economics

chemistry software

ChemLab by Model Science Software

ChemLab allows users to quickly perform chemistry labs, while emphasizing the critical principles and techniques of experimental chemistry. It is ideal for distance learning, demonstrations, lab run-through, pre-lab work, hazardous or expensive labs.

chemistry chemlab education science simulation college high school distance education periodic table rasmol interactive chemistry lab simulation windows

encrypt software

Encrypt Easy by Baltsoft

A highly secure file encryption program which uses the 67 encryption methods. Each file is encrypted with two encryption methods, Cipher+Hash, and with its own password. It can only be decrypted using the same password.

encrypt easy decrypt encrypt easy cipher hash file folder sfx zip compression blowfish gost rijndael password secure security


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