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Meditation Screensaver by All-Sweets

Fantastic birds, the fantastic flowers bewitching abstract forms. All this alternates and mixs up, appears and disappears, one surprising images are smoothly replaced by others. Improbable kaleidoscope of mystical forms.

screensaver screen saver flowers birds fantastic birds fantastic flowers bewitching abstract forms

kaleider software

Kaleider by Jeff L. Holcomb

Kaleider emulates various Kaleidoscope, Mirroring, 3D Mirroring and Funneling effects. Effects can be controlled manually to create particular results, or can be viewed automatically in random sequences, optionally with motion and music.

kaleider kaleidoscopes mirrors 3d funnels music kaleider emulates mirroring 3d mirroring funneling effects

kaleidoscope software

Kaleidoscope by Gitano Software

Cool Kaleidoscope Screen Saver

kaleidoscope screen saver cool shareware applications powersearch accent pdf shareware cool screen saver

dynamic software

Collidoscope by Software Collidoscope Foundry

Multitudes of abstract objects appear to traverse the computer screen and collide and interact with each other, producing a wide variety of kaleidoscopic formations which are incredibly dynamic and visually captivating.

dynamic abstract kaleidoscopic screen saver wallpaper generator abstract objects appear collide forming dynamic kaleidoscopic formations

kaleidoscope software

Adrift Screensaver by Seraline Pty Ltd

Adrift draws floating lines across the screen, creating beautiful patterns with pulsating colors.

kaleidoscope patterns screensaver screensavers floating lines across screen creating beautiful patterns

game software

AquaGame Zodiac by Aquagame.com

AquaGame Zodiac is a revolutionary tetris-like mulltilevel game in the starry world of color balls and zodiac signs.

game free trial free download shareware game for kids logical game directx new family game graphic high color tetris-like zodiac aquagame zodiac amazing multilevel tetris-like signs colors

snowstar software

Snowflakes & Stars by RoyalLyon

Draw colorful snowflakes and stars with perfect symmetry from 4 to 90 sides with a few mouse clicks. Anyone can be an artist and produce stunning images that are almost as awe-inspiring as the snowflakes in winter!

snowstar snowflake snowflakes star stars draw design make custom draw colorful snowflakes stars having 4 90 sides few clicks

screensaver software

arsKaleidoscopeSS by Richard W. Bogosian

Screensaver that randomly generates beautiful kaleidoscopic images; a dazzling display that never repeats

screensaver art richard w- bogosian screensaver randomly generates beautiful kaleidoscopic images

shareware software

MetaScope by KrazyDad

Create beautiful Kaleidoscopic screensavers in seconds. Searches the Internet for images using Image search services such as Google and AltaVista.

shareware demo screensaver kaleidoscopic screen saver image-search metascope screensaver searches pictures

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