Kaleidoscopic Software

interactive audio software

JamBox by Interactive Groove

JamBox is an Interactive Audio Player that plays Jamlet files. Jamlets can be Linear or Kaleidoscopic. Kaleidascopic Jamlets play the music in a different way each time you play them, and can play continuously. Includes the PJam by Atomic Tangerine.

interactive audio music jam play along jambox jamlet interactive music player jam includes pjam atomic tangerine

shareware software

MetaScope by KrazyDad

Create beautiful Kaleidoscopic screensavers in seconds. Searches the Internet for images using Image search services such as Google and AltaVista.

shareware demo screensaver kaleidoscope screen saver internet image-search metascope kaleidoscope screensaver searches internet pictures

screensaver software

arsKaleidoscopeSS by Richard W. Bogosian

Screensaver that randomly generates beautiful kaleidoscopic images; a dazzling display that never repeats

screensaver kaleidoscope art richard w- bogosian screensaver randomly generates beautiful images

patterns software

Seraline Abstract Art Screensaver by Seraline Pty Ltd

Using mathematics and random drawing effects, Seraline ScreenSaver creates an endless variety of wild kaleidoscopic and modern-art-like images, which are always changing and never repeating.

patterns abstract art screensaver screensavers endless variety wild modern-art-like images

dynamic software

Collidoscope by Software Collidoscope Foundry

Multitudes of abstract objects appear to traverse the computer screen and collide and interact with each other, producing a wide variety of kaleidoscopic formations which are incredibly dynamic and visually captivating.

dynamic abstract kaleidoscope screen saver wallpaper generator abstract objects appear collide forming dynamic formations

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