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car software

MrCar by M-Region

The MrCar allows CAR owners to organize and manage all car EXPENSES to keep an eye on spending money by categories and payees, and answer a lot of questions like: How much did I spend on my car last month?; How much did I pay for gas (trip, etc)?

car expenses auto automobile palm os mrcar business trip travel business trip free gas penalty parking rent rental handheld pda maintenance insurance fill-up statistics m-region mregion

pc spy software

Codename Alvin - PC Spy Software for Windows by Coding Workshop Limited

PC monitoring software - Its about taking control. Monitors and logs keyboard, application, screen and internet events. Easy to use, cheap to register. Great to keep an eye on what your kids are up to when your not there!

pc spy monitoring software keyboard application spy internet internet logging codename alvin kids screen shot screen grab screen capture pc monitoring software monitors keyboard application screen web

connection speed software

connectionGuard by

Monitor any Internet connection in real time. Prevent unauthorized traffic. Keep an eye on our compact, easy-to-read window to assess how sites and servers respond. Use it to detect spyware. Unauthorized traffic can no longer remain hidden.

connection speed transfer rate bit byte baud broadband dial-up wi-fi wireless spyware security freeware

refresher software

Auto URL Refresher by Torok Laszlo

Use Auto URL Refresher to refresh web pages either randomly or at selected intervals enabling you to keep an eye on fast changing eBay auctions, stock market tickers, sports events...

refresher auto refresher page refresher url refresher html regresher ebay auctions ebay refresher auctions refresher

adware software

WindowsProtector by

Monitor ALL programs running on your computer. Prevent unauthorized activities. Keep an eye on our compact, easy-to-read window to detect all Windows applications and processes. Detect adware, spyware, trojans, popupads, and viruses. Nothing hidden!

adware spyware virus trojan worm popup ad block security windows application windows process freeware

college football software

Football Rankulator by Whitaker Software Applications

A software utility which allows you to create your own computer rankings of college Division 1A football teams. You can also keep an eye on the conference races, team schedules and strength of schedule, the polls, and the BCS standings.

college football rankulator football ranking software create college football computer rankings football schedule football polls bcs bowl championship series

seria a software

Seria-A Statistics in Excel (Season 2005-06) by

Here you can see an Italy Seria A. This is a file for Microsoft Excel. It consists of all matches of the season 2005-06. You can easily keep an eye on the whole season. In this table you can manualy add results of matches.

seria a italy soccer statistics excel fixtures sport

handball software

Handball Manager by netmin e.K.

You are the manager and coach of a handball club of your choice. Make the right decisions to win the championships. Keep an eye on the transfer market and your financial situation.

handball manager game shareware coach simulation hand-ball

webcam software

WebCam Monitor by DeskShare

WebCam Monitor turns your PC into a video surveillance system, that allows you to monitor your home/office from a remote location.

webcam webcam software video surveillance surveillance video security

auction software

HammerTap by HammerTap

HammerTap is the original eBay market research tool that gives you the power to profit. HammerTap helps you find what sells and how to sell it, including the best ending day, best listing duration, starting price, title keywords and so much more.

auction software ebay ebay tools auction management software online auction software


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