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credit software

Plastic Book by PrimaSoft PC

Plastic Book: Designed to make keeping track of all kinds of plastic cards as easy as possible. It can be used for credit cards, bank client cards, library cards, etc.

credit card client bank home plastic designed make keeping track kinds plastic cards easy possible

inventory software

Home/Office Inventory Book by PrimaSoft PC

Home Inventory Book: Tool for organizing, planning, and keeping track of your home or office contents. You may gather as much detail as you: item name, producers, location, warranty time, value, service phone, notes and much more.

inventory catalog possessions items tools organize home office tool organizing planning keeping track home office contents

bugcollector software

BugCollector Pro by Nesbitt Software Corporation

BugCollector Pro is a powerful, multi-user database specifically designed for keeping track of software bugs and feature requests. Includes a a built-in report designer, customizable charts, user-definable filters, automatic email, and more.

bugcollector bug tracking database error defect software windows multi-user bug-tracking database software developers

bowling software

bowl101 by 101 Computers

Bowl101 will handle all of your bowling needs from simply keeping track bowler and team stats to tracking their payments. Unlimited number of leagues, up to 15 bowlers per team, and up to 54 teams. Once configured, all you do is enter the scores.

bowling software bowling bowl101 bowl101me candlepin duckpin candle pin duck pin abc wibc yaba bowling software complete bowling league management software great support

traxtime software

TraxTime by Spud City Software Co.

TraxTime is a great personal punch clock program for keeping track of the time that you spend on different projects. Simple interface, yet powerful. Generate custom reports. Just $29.50. Awarded 5-stars by PC Mag. A manager's version available, too.

traxtime time billing punch clock track time unlimited number projects easy

 recipe software

Groceryboy by Groceryboy

Groceryboy is an easy to use program for keeping track of Recipes as well as tracking coupons and creating shopping lists. You can create individual Meal plans from your recipes and and create store specific shopping lists for those meals.

recipe coupons shopping meals nutrition database meal planning shopping lists groceryboy easy program maintaining meal related activities

documents software

Recent Documents 2002 by Oakley Data Services

Recent Documents will save you time and frustration by keeping track of documents you have been working with, and will help you find them again easily. It automatically keeps track of the names and locations of documents/files as you work with them.

documents files recent documents windows searching enhances windows start documents menu help find recently used files easily

asset management software

PCDB by 3rd Day Software

Pcdb is a self contained database program for keeping track of a companies users and computer assets.

asset management inventory database personal computer asset management

bowling software

Bowl101xp by 101 Computers

Bowl101 will handle all of your league needs from keeping track of the stats, to tracking their payments. We find the high games, ABC, WIBC, YABA awards for you, either on a weekly basis or search again for the entire year at the click of a button

bowling software bowling league management treasurer 10 pin 5 pin duckpin duck pin candle pin bowl101 bowling stats bowling secretary bowling league handles 54 teams 15 bowlers per team 100 subs easy data entry

acutenotes software

AcuteNotes by Acute Systems

AcuteNotes is a handy software for writing and organizing notes in a simple and convenient way. It is useful when structuring a novel or a thesis, organizing information at work, keeping a diary or just keeping track of your daily quick notes.

acutenotes note editor note organizer personal information manager shareware post-it tree structure utility tool distribution submission acutenotes handy software writing organizing notes simple way


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