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keyboard software

KbdEdit by KbdSoft

Change mapping of any standard or special key. Supports ligatures, dead keys, Undo/Redo, instant preview, Unicode navigation, drag&drop internally and from other applications, import of MSKLC .KLC files, automated management of Language Bar list

keyboard layout editor mapper creator msklc klc kbdedit windows xp 2000 2003 vista 32-bit 64-bit x86

file manager software

File Master by

File Master is a file manager. It has two windows and makes work with files and folders easy. Some main features: - Copying, moving, renaming and deleting files and folders. - Keyboard functions. - Extra Tool Bar (to run Windows tools).

file manager manage files file manager soft file utilities free soft download soft freeware shareware

play the web software

Play The Web by Philippe Vaugouin

Display HTML, RSS feeds, PowerPoint or Flash files on a web kiosk and remote update files through the network. Every new file is automatically retrieved and displayed. Use it to create a news feed linked to popular web sites or your own content.

play the web interactive kiosk web kiosk html fullscreen browser microsoft web intranet company offline off-line explorer ie5 ie6 software shareware custom automatic navigation filter password free webmaster promote site

net viewer software

Net Viewer by Accessory Software

Organize thousands of Web Sites by Categories, priorities, search words, and Users in a secure database. Collect Web Sites automatically while browsing the internet using multiple Internet Explorer Windows. Save EMail and Passwords in the database.

net viewer internet email database internet organizer web page organizer bookmark url favorites internet explorer utility

free software

littleGuard by DWS

Protect your computer from little fingers,with littleGuard freeware. littleGuard is a simple yet effective program that disables your mouse and 98% of keyboard functions. Includes un-install. Designed to protect your computer from little fingers

free software littleguard protect your computer freeware free protect computer restrict access kids children protect computer little fingers littleguard freeware

change keyboard layout software

Key Transformation by Zhangyan

Key Transformation can customize your keyboard layout! On screen keyboard. Want the F1 key to type B? Want the D key to type f? Key Transformation can do them easily. You can also disable desired key.

change keyboard layout change keyboard mapping change keyboard keys key exchange key changer key logger keystroke keyboard layout keyboard software mouse keyboard keyboard keys keyboard input mouse and keyboard screen keyboard keyboard switch on screen keyboard keyboard lock keyboard manager touch keyboard keyboard typing keyboard layouts

remote control software

Omniquad Instant Remote Control by Omniquad Ltd

Take instant control over networked PCs-no software to install at remote end-no multi licenses required-supports Windows 2000/NT/XP platforms-all remote mouse/keyword functions get transferred-reboot/lock remote PC,use FTP service,send Ctrl+Alt+Del

remote control control pcs remote desktop control networked pcs-no software installation remote end-no multi licenses

typingtools software

Assistant Typist by SmartGesture Lab

Program that lets you control your typing process. Assistant Typist shows what you are typing at the bottom of the screen. Its large font enables you to control your typing by using your peripheral vision. It also fixes common typing errors and log.

typingtools assistanttypist blind typing touch typing fast typing learn typing typist typer study typing autocorrect autocomplete autoreplace commandprompt commandlinetools begin touch typing process auto fix errors log typing

keyboard utility software

fKey Template Designer by SigmaTech Software

fKey Keyboard Template Design Tool v2.02 - $40 from SigmaTech Software. A program to design and print a keyboard template of any programs function key and shortcut key combinations. The program prints a template to fit all current keyboard layouts.

keyboard utility keyboard template design tool function key template utility function key template design tool function keys shortcut keys fkey keyboard template design utility keyboards programs v2 02 40

remote control software

Remote Administrator by Famatech LLC

Remote Administrator is the fastest remote control software. You can work with the remote computer as if you are sitting in front of it. According to our users feedback Remote Administrator outperforms all other remote controls in the speed of work.

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