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keylogger software

Keylogger Pro by ExploreAnywhere Software, LLC

Keylogger Pro is a highly advanced, low level keystroke logging application that allows you record ALL keystrokes typed (passwords, chat conversations, e-mails, etc) on your PC in total secrecy.

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keylogger software

Personal Antispy by BlazingTools Software

Personal Antispy can provide every computer with strong protection against most types of unauthorized activity monitoring software, both known and unknown. It effectively finds and removes keyloggers, trojans and other spy software.

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antispy software

SecuritySkillz PC SystemGaurd by SecuritySkillz Software Labs

World's most advanced & powerful system security software of its type. In just a few mouse-clicks, even your kid can provide total freedom for your PC, from hackers, trojans, keyloggers, spying programs, all hidden & malicious stealth programs!!

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pc police software

P.C. Police by Roumen Petrov

P.C. Police elegantly tracks all keyboard, Internet and Windows folder activities on your computer. It gives you the power to uncover lost documents and view passwords,catch cheating spouses, malicious users and negligent employees on the spot.

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keylogger software

SpYOuTSiDe by CurrenTChaoS

SpYOuTSiDe it's a program that record every keystroke that are pressed on the host computer, it can take screen shots also, and send the logs containing the keystrokes to a e-mail address or it can upload those logs to a ftp server.

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keylogger software

SpyBuddy by ExploreAnywhere Software, LLC

SpyBuddy is a powerful monitoring and surveillance suite for PC's. SpyBuddy will record all PC and Internet browsing habits for you to review at a later date and time. Perfect for monitoring spouses and children!

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