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snapture software

Snapture for Pocket PC by Blue Squirrel

Capture information from your computer to your Pocket PC with one keystroke! Simply select text from your e-mail, word docs, spreadsheets, web pages, etc. and press F11. When you HotSync Snapture transfers the information to your Pocket PC device.

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hidden software

Keyboard Monitoring Tool by KeyLogger

Keystroke recording utility records each typed keystroke special character of keyboard stored in invisible log file. User activity monitoring software run hidden mode save every key press information in secret log files with date, time and location.

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key logger software

Keyboard Spectator Pro by ReFog Software

Keyboard Spectator is a multifunctional keyboard tracking software (a.k.a. key logger) that is widely used by both regular users and IT security specialists to record keystrokes.

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keylogger software

PC Spy Keylogger by PC Spy Keylogger

PC Spy Keylogger is a top-rated, invisible and easy-to-use surveillance tool that records every keystroke to a log file.

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file conversion software

Snapture for Windows by Blue Squirrel

With one keystroke, capture your travel itinerary, eBay listing, driving directions, product specs, an e-zine article, or a 20-page contract.

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spy software

SpyCapture by TSM-Soft Enterprise

The SpyCapture is a small tool and advanced PC security and monitoring software that enabled you to monitoring your computer when you are away.

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