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child software

ChildSafe by Webroot Software,Inc

ChildSafe is designed to help parents keep their children safe from Internet predators by monitoring computer activity. Items monitored include keystrokes (including chat room dialogue), programs used and sites visited on the Internet.

child monitor parental block securityfilter keystroke valuable tool parents help protect their children online

monitoring software

ProBot SE by NetHunter Group

By keeping a log of launched applications, visited Web sites, keystrokes and mouse clicks, ProBot SE helps detect data loss from electronic espionage. Completely stealth operation may help you investigate intranet intrusions or even computer crimes.

monitoring recorder activity surveillance spy keylog keylogger keyboard windows 95 98 nt xp 2000 intercept stealth invisible logger capture security privacy hacker protection hacking

surveillance software

SpyPC by Xelerate Software, Inc.

SpyPC offers you rigorous access control to the internet, as well as certain parts of the PC. With SpyPC's surveillance functions, you can see what anyone really does on the PC. Plus, log keystrokes in chat rooms or make secret screenshots.

surveillance access control activity control internet control desktop access control monitoring totally

key logger software

Spy-Keylogger by SM Lab

Spy-Keylogger is utility that records ALL ascii keystrokes to special log files.

key logger software keyboard logger keystroke recorder spy-keylogger utility records ascii special log files

buttons software

QuickButtons by MJT Net Ltd

QuickButtons lets you make Buttons and AppBars to Simulate Keystrokes and Run Applications. Convert awkward keystrokes to single mouse clicks.

buttons click disability accessibility simplify keystrokes disabled dexterity button bars appbars quickbuttons make buttons simulate

clipboard software

HyperClipper by 10-30am team

This clipboard utility allows to paste previously copied clips and other texts or quick notes as easy as [Shift]+[Ins] (or Ctrl+V) keystrokes and exactly by these keys. Features: auto save clips on exit, plain text mode, clipboard controls, preview.

clipboard text utility paste tool copy insert notes document clipboard ctrl-v shift-ins advanced hyperstack autosave function

mouse software

Mouse Wheel Control by Ardamax Software

Do you want to use your mouse wheel in any Windows applications? Or you want to use it otherwise? Mouse Wheel Control is easy-to-use mouse utility, which allows you to do it. With this program you may assign keystrokes with mouse wheel actions.

mouse wheel utility tool mouse windows application

keylogger software

Keylogger Pro by ExploreAnywhere Software, LLC

Keylogger Pro is a highly advanced, low level keystroke logging application that allows you record ALL keystrokes typed (passwords, chat conversations, e-mails, etc) on your PC in total secrecy.

keylogger key logger spy software keylogger pro keystroke monitoring activity logging internet spy pc spy record keystrokes secretly record typed youre around

keyboard software

Auto-Keyboard by Yang Xiujun

Auto-Keyboard can automatically and repeatedly make a group of keyboard keystrokes. It can economize a lot of times for user. It can make all keyboard keystrokes and set delay time for per keyboard keystroke.

keyboard system utility automatically type word repeatedly group

zip code data software

Zip Code Genie by Spud City Software Co.

Zip Code Genie looks up and fills in address data (city, state, area code, etc.) automatically for you. Works with your existing word processing documents, spreadsheets, and database forms. Improves data entry accuracy, saves you keystrokes and time.

zip code data address data data entry looks types address data city state documents forms


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