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Save Flash Player by

Download flash files on the webpage and temporary Internet folder , Quick preview and browse flash movie, capture flash image and set it as wallpaper, create flash screensaver with ease, make window .EXE program, make flash html etc.

download download flash flash flash screensaver make flash player screensaver flash

bspam software

BSpam by

BSpam blocks unwanted spam mails that infiltrate into your mailbox. Most spams are easily identified and are removed from your Inbox real-time. BSpam can be installed as a plugin to your existing Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook.

antispam kit spam fighter anti-spam tool antispam filter spam bspam

source code manager software

The Scripter''s Scrapbook by The Flexible Learning Company

A fully-featured cross-platform personal reference library and source code repository for programmers, web authors and software writers that integrates the convenience of the desktop with the resources of the web. Free 30 day trial.

source code library software library source code organizer software developers software development tools developer tools source code manager

html parser software

Gerolf Markup Shredder by Gerolf Diethelm Brettschneider

The typesetting program that uses TeX for document conversion from HTML to PDF

necessary literature html browser intel 386 files pdf element tags internet explorer

face recognition software

Face Recognition ActiveX DLL by Research Lab Inc

Create your own biometric face recognition security for Windows. Two functions : Train and Recognize. Uses neural net back propagation algorithm. Works great even for a low resolution web cam image. Source Code with Video capture & feature extract.

feature extraction face recognition source code library works mirror frame propagation algorithm

idea software

Idea crypting module for BestCrypt by Igor Arsenin

Idea crypting driver for BestCrypt. The module performs encryption using well-known IDEA algorithm. Works in Bestcrypt Environment in any Windows system.

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