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knowledge management software

powerKNOW by KLV GmbH

Web-based Knowledge Management Solution to save and share knowledge.Create your Knowledge Base or Document Management System.It is very effective in managing different forms of existing Knowledge or creating & sharing new KnowHow in a structured way.

knowledge management knowledge base document management knowledge retention knowledge management solution intranet project management project documentation knowledge management system

database software

Knowledge Base by Doyle Publishing

Knowledge Base is easy to use, has a straight forward design, has a handy Search feature, and works great on networks! You can also easily change the database path inside or outside of Knowledge Base.

database small business knowledge management knowledge base easy designed networks mind

organizer software

Personal Knowbase by Bitsmith Software

Take control of your notes with Personal Knowbase. This freeform text organizer uses a keyword-based system to store and retrieve related information easily by association. Make a personal knowledge base of your research notes, messages, and ideas.

organizer index notes freeform free-form research ideas knowledge organize information text database personal knowbase bitsmith free-form organizer using keywords manage notes messages ideas

general software

General Knowledge Base by Baltsoft

Simple and easy to use, effective tool for creating and managing your own knowledge base. Using the program creation of your knowledge base becomes quick and simple. The program makes your documents easy to find and retrieve.

general knowledge base book collection tips trick articles programmers ideas solutions share experience solving problem basic advanced search keywords exporting pdf html rich text word

decision software

Assistum Knowledge Editor Personal Edition by Higher Level Systems Ltd

Assistum Knowledge Editor Personal Edition is a powerful authoring tool that lets you create and customize your own knowledge bases that can be consulted at any time.

decision analysis support knowledge management process improvement assistum helps make better quality decisions

homebrew software

Home Brew Kit Master by Kevin Solway

Home Brew Kit Master is a program for recording the details of your home brews, printing reports, generating tasting sheets, and providing a searchable knowledge base of tips on home brewing.

homebrew home brew brewing beer kit record details home brews print reports tips taste sheets

whitetail deer software

Deer Hunting Expert by Strat-Tech, Inc.

The program asks you questions about the conditions you hunt under and then gives a recommendation based on what experts advise for the conditions. You can alter one condition to see how answer is affected. Also has logs, library, recipes.

whitetail deer deer hunting deer gun bow hunt outdoors provides 100 scenarios hunting deer logs library recipes

victauri software

Stauri Solo by Victauri LLC

This product is a complete solution for building intelligent interactive online agents for a variety of purposes. It enables you to deliver content in an interactive and intuitive way.

victauri stauri solo intelligent agent internet development document dialog speech text complete solution building intelligent interactive online agents

web software

PrimaSoft Web dB Server by PrimaSoft PC

Fast and easy web tool for organizing your databases online. Web dB Server enables you to quickly create, manage and share your databases with friends, customers, or coworkers over the Internet or Intranet.

web web database online intranet server databases web server online application organize manage databases online

forum software

Advanced Forums by Advanced Portal

Advanced Forums is an Advanced Portal product offered to any website hosted with us. It is capable of running any kind of forums online. It allows users to communicate and share information, get support, and discuss issues online.

forum forums forum software forums software web-based forum web based forum online forums internet forums communicate exchange information discuss support searchable faq threads posts messages replies topics cold fusion forum


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