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Sumka quick launcher by Deskex group

This is a quick program launcher with abilities: launching programs, opening documents or foders, quick access icons, launching groups of programs/docs, plug-ins.

program exe

launch software

Fast Launcher by DVAsoft

Fast Launcher - replacement for Quick Launch and Start Menu! It has several features which make this program far more powerful, useful and convenient than Quick Launch. Fast Launcher is easy to use - you need just two clicks to launch the program.

launch start run quick fast program document shortcut

antivirus software

V3pad WinAll by Softoy Inc.

V3pad is launcher software of anti-virus program V3+Neo that carries fast scan engine and is updated weekly. But V3+Neo is a DOS program and so is inconvenient. V3pad launches it under Windows. V3pad updates engine automatically and has many features

antivirus automatic update v3pad softoy freeware adware windows explorer context menu unzip

task manager software

Mediaware Task Manager by Mediaware

Mediaware Task Manager is a powerful process monitoring tool and provides all the necessary means to control which programs are executed at Windows startup. The integrated Launcher component enables fast hotkey access to your favorite applications.

task manager process explorer startup explorer processes startup items monitoring controlling managing system security performance

fast software

Fast Tray by Amic Utilities

Fast Tray is a launcher that was developed to let you quickly run your frequently used system commands directly from the system tray. It can run applications, open files, reboot, open\close your CD drives, and many others.

fast tray commander launch bar launchpad menu control command shortcut

thunderbird-tray software

Thunderbird-Tray by Felix Geyer

Thunderbird-Tray is a system tray launcher tool for Mozilla Thunderbird, the popular e-mail client. You can use TB-Tray to hide Thunderbird to the tray while you don''t need it.

thunderbird-tray tb-tray tbtray thunderbird tray mozilla mail e-mail minimize client

zenworks software

NALalyse by John Foster

NALalyse allows Novell ZENWorks administrators to quickly sanity check, search and document ZENWorks for Desktops Network Application Launcher (NAL) objects - its sophisticated rule-base detects dozens of potential NAL configuration issues.

zenworks nal novell netware application object zen zfd analyse analyze

download software

Stock Startup by FreeStone Group

Free Application Launcher Tool. If you need to start several programs simultaneously, this program can be useful to you. Using Stock Startup it is extraordinary easy to create a package from programs and to start it.

download free application tool launch package program

application launcher software

RunClik by SmartKite Software

Have you ever wondered how to group your favorite programs and run them all - with just one click? RunClik is an application launcher that lets you quickly open more than one program by simply choosing a program group from the system tray. Easy!

application launcher file launcher launch program groups workspace quick launch quick run file run favorite programs run parameters favorite programs groups

3d-game software

SILENT ATTACK - The Near Danger Zone by Inviting Games

The game is a kill'em all arcade shooter with skins support and screensaver features. In this game you will act as a defender of an "energium" quarry. Using a plasma gun and rocket launcher you should destroy as many planes of your enemy as possible.

3d-game arcade shooter plasma gun cyborgs civilization screensaver


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