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gravity software

Gravitorium Pro by Rightword Enterprises

The prime purpose of Gravitorium is to let you play with ideas about gravity and gravitational systems. Create an entirely new solar system from scratch!

gravity astronomy newton planets solar system simulates motion planets stars under gravity

valentine software

Valentine by NexusMedia

In the Be My Valentine Screen Saver, a MIDI-based romantic-sounding tune plays as hearts of various sizes fall from the top of screen. You may adjust the speed each size heart, add your valentine's name, and display a cute "Be My Valentine" graphic

valentine holiday cupid cute valentine screensaver loved one

jet software

JET - Java Extended Ticker by exsys GbR Emden

Display any kind of multi-layered information in a web page and apply functionality to any layer you want, like automatic scrolling or periodic layer replacement. All required files can easily be constructed with JetGen.

jet applet java extended ticker news vertical scroll html web authoring display multi-layered information web page apply functionality

word software

Crossword Wordplay Wizard by Bryson Limited

Shows wordplay types used to clue an answer in a cryptic crossword including anagrams, reversals, charades, container and contents. Links to extensive lists of indicators for wordplay types and abbreviations. Includes word list with 250,000 entries.

word puzzle game crossword cryptic clue wordplay anagram abbreviation reversal charade indicators shows wordplay types indicators used clue answers cryptic crossword

internet software

Patrol Search 1.8 by PatrolSearch Inc.

A smart WWW search tool that parellelly queries 200+ search sites and 1) add new search site by drag-and-drop; 2)display the results in a tree-like window; 3) automatically identify dead links and generate site summary; 4)much more...

internet www web search engine tool automatic create creator browser save html text format smart www search tool tree-like display auto check highlighted keywords

online tic tac toe software

Internet Tic Tac Toe by Douglas Paul Adams LLC

An online version of tic tac toe where you can play someone else from a remote computer. Anybody anywhere in the world can play tic tac toe with you Also you can chat with the person you are playing tic tac toe with!!

online tic tac toe puzzel games free online games free games chess freeware freeware games betting gambling freeware classic classics freebies shareware downloads retro card board word trivia bingo program software downl

scenesaver software

SceneSaver by JerMar Software Corp.

A free screen saver of twenty-two high resolution photographs of astonishingly beautiful scenes from the outdoors. Display them as a screen saver or use wallpaper mode. When you tire of SceneSaver's included images use your own!

scenesaver screen saver wallpaper changer digital photo image caption desktop windows xp security nature display beatiful included images wallpaper screen saver


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