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amateur software

NuTest by Nu-Ware

Obtain or upgrade your amateur radio licence using this complete training package. Create tests from the official ARRL question pools. Browse the question pools. Read in-depth explanations of each question. FCC Part 97 rules included.

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pelock software

PELock by PELock

PELock - is an application that allows you to protect Windows executable files (so called exe-protector). Besides that, PELock allows easy creation of application of evaluation-demo type, which use license key system.

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asset software

AssetDB by Compulsion Software

AssetDB is an Asset Database that scans remote PC's, combined with networking and diagnostic tools. Keeping detailed information on your computers hardware and software, down to the serial number just became easier.

asset database remote scan network user printer find software hardware inventory licence management ping trace send message

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