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life ahead software

Life Ahead Program by Estam Research

The extensive Web Site and advanced Computer Program provides the CFR that measures the health value of your Cardiofitness from exercise. Life Ahead diet shows how any diet of any carbo or change in individual food will change your weight over time

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jddm software

JDDM (Drop Down Menu) by S.r.l.

JDDM is a professional Java drop-down and popup Web Menu applet. JDDM lets you generate vertical and horizontal menus with unlimited number of nested pop-up submenus, various color schemes, buttons, fonts, icons and sounds.

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search software

10-Strike Network File Search by 10-Strike Software

Find the necessary files on network servers and computers. Enter the search phrase or file masks and find the files you need. Preview search results, open found files directly from the remote computers or copy the files to your disk. Save reports.

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passwords software

Arovax TraySafe by Arovax LLC

TraySafe password manager allows you to forget passwords! It will save and protect them for you: encryption and hashing algorithms, autoinsert and autofill, hardware ID, USB drive support. You can forget passwords and you will not lose them!

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