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firststop deluxe edition software

FirstStop WebSearch Deluxe Edition by FirstStop WebSearch, LLC.

"Lighting-Fast" web search software for your PC that searches leading search engines all at once. Then filters, verifies, orders results in a single merged list. Obtaining only relevant results with automatic validation and duplicates removal.

firststop deluxe edition websearch meta search internet search engine web search search engine news search lighting-fast web software searches leading engines

movies software

Easy XDC by Trisnap Technologies

Take advantage of anonymous downloads, lighting fast speeds, and the highest quality downloads available on the internet. EasyXDC will take your home entertainment center to a whole new level. Get your copy and be downloading within minutes!

movies music dvd download irc xdcc easyxdc easyxdc revolutionary new way find movies internet

image software

AltaLux/App by Stefano Tommesani

AltaLux is an image processing technology that can significantly enhance the quality of images and videos with poor lighting conditions

image enhancement photo altalux enhance images poor conditions

vicman software

Batch AutoCorrector by VicMan Software

Enhance all your digital images at once! This program can correct contrast and restore natural colors of multiple images automatically. Now it is very easy to correct shots taken in poor lighting, at sunset etc. New free tool from VicMan Software!

vicman auto color balance correction correct cast contrast contrast restore natural colors multiple automatically

3d software

PavelSoft Screen Savers Pack by PavelSoft

Two amazing screen savers with flying in 3D Maze Domain deep underground with nice lighting, and Spiritual Particles fast flying around and builds abstract figures.

3d maze domain spiritual particles screen savers two amazing flying 3d

java software

Spotlight Banner by Wibbleware

Create fantastic eye-catching lighting effects with the Spotlight applet. - Have up to ten spotlights roving around your banner - Eight different spotlight movement paths - Faster page loading times with the built-in magnification feature

java applet banner logo create fantastic eye-catching effects spotlight

image editor software

EasyPeg by HNM-Freeware

EasyPeg is a photo editor with various effects for image improvement and art (unique lighting effects), edit tools include selection by color. Get your photos online with the Thumbnail Creator. Plus Screen Capturer and Image Browser.

image editor thumbnail creator hmtl photo gallery jpg jpeg bmp png mpeg avi filters deformations screen capture capture video edit motion blur sharpen edges edge detection fourier wavelet compression

calm software

Calm Before the Storm by RI Soft Systems

Calm Before The Storm sends soothing jolts of lightning through your system. Watch these photographic backgrounds as they are lit up by the dance of lighting in the skies.

calm storm stormy lightning thunder weather screensaver saver watch skies light these soothing scenes

3d software

3aline Screensaver by Seraline Pty Ltd

3aline Screensaver uses 3D shapes to create stunning colorful images with beautiful backgrounds and realistic lighting.

3d screensaver screensavers uses shapes stunning colorful beautiful backgrounds

wildlife software

Tropical Tweetie by Themestress Desktop Enhancements

JavaScript screen saver featuring lighting effects on a toucan image.

wildlife animals birds tropical birds rainforest toucan javascript features


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