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link extractor software

Web Data Extractor by WebExtractor System

A powerful web data / link extractor utility. Extract URL, meta tag (title, desc, keyword), body text, email, phone, fax from web site, search results or list of URLs. High speed, multi-threaded, accurate extraction - directly saves data to disk file.

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thumbnail software

"ThumbNavigator" by DataStead

ThumbNavigator is a web thumbnail galleries explorer that allows you to preview, choose, download then view pictures in a full-screen display, online and offline. Automatically discards banners, ads and pop-up windows.

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plugin software

Tab Forward Lite by Web Wide

Innovation in Navigation. Display links in side panel. Allowing you to click on the link picture, text or number you want to display on the main window, without using back button, works great with google image search save time and aggravation.

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url extractor software

Extract URL by Spadix Software

A powerful URL extractor utility. Extract URL with title, description, keywords meta data from entire websites, list of URLs or search engine results.

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delphi software

THttpScan by DataStead

THTTPSCAN VCL component for Delphi or C++Builder recursively analyses HTML pages and reports the links it finds. Links appearing several times are treated only once. Real concurrent downloads.

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link extract software

Extract Link by Spadix Software

A powerful extraction utility to search and extract links (http, ftp, email, news) from any type of file (Html, Word, Excel, executables, and so on). It supports link compare, extraction depth, duplicate link/base removal, domain check list, etc.

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search engine software

TheAvalancher by MAJORS Software

The world's most powerful browser thanks to its integrated search engine that finds, downloads (and displays in thumbnail galleries) all files of a kind from relevant sites.

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