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broadcasting software

StationPlaylist Studio by

Low-cost digital audio playback software for radio broadcasting & Internet streaming, featuring automated & live assist mode; 48 instant carts; advanced automatic crossfading using 1 soundcard; automatic time announcement support; and much more.

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privacy software

No Trace - Find out what''s hidden by MicroSmarts LLC

Your PC is secretly recording everything you do. Download No-Trace 2.0 now. It will Speed up your PC, Fix Errors, Make your PC Stable and more important, protect your privacy. It can permanently erase all evidence including unwanted porn pictures.

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joystick software

JoystickCursor Control Tool by Deinmeister Digital Delusions

This tool maps the movement of a joystick to keyboard and mouse keys. Up to 128 different keys can be simulated, multiple joysticks, configurations and key combinations supported.

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mathematics software

Adding Three Fractions by Polymath Love

Middle-School (grades 5 through 9) math program written to provide skills in context. Students addone of two types of problems: ruler fractions (halves, fourths, eighths, sixteenths) or regular fractions.

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