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file software

File Locator by Amic Utilities

File Locator is a professional tool for finding files and information on your hard drive fast and efficiently. You can easily and fast find photos, movies, music, documents and other files, you can combine simple or complex options. Free download.

file locate search find files folders seek search find files quick easy powerful file

locator software

Turbo-Locator x86 by Xellsoft

Code relocator for processors x86, NEC V25, V40, V50, Am486, AMD SC400 etc. Uses output of Turbo/Borland C++, Turbo/Borland Pascal and TASM. Suitable for x86 compatible embedded systems und industrual / flat / raw / ROM / BIOS PC applications.

locator embedded x86 v25 rom 186 286 486 v50 nec amd sc400 am486 bios code relocator x86 borland c turbo pascal

employee locator software

SignIn by Custom Business Applications Corporation

Computerized employee locator replaces the office manual sign in/out board. The shared database is queried every 10 to 60 seconds to update employee status. Information displayed includes name, in/out, return date/time, location, and remarks.

employee locator sign in sign out signin-out signin board signout board computerized employee replaces office manual sign board

uk software

The UK Telephone Number Locator by MediaWeb

UK telephone number locator is a handy utility which sits in your system tray and can lookup the location from a telephone number. This is useful if you are looking through private ads in a magazine or newspaper and want to know where the seller is.

uk telephone number uk telephone number

filter software

WebIndex by Librarysmith Software

WebIndex is an Internet cataloguing/filtering system that compiles web-links (URLs) in to a complete set of HTML pages for easy browsing. WebIndex has primarily be designed for use in schools and colleges. Requires no HTML knowledge from the user.

filter security protect indexer index catalogue link links urls url link indexer catalog intranet schools web address directory classify category categories categorize

harvester software

Essen Target Harvester by Essen Energy Conversion Devices Pvt Ltd.

Essen Target Harvester quickly extracts email addresses from websites using HTTP. It is a targetbased browser-independent program that supports multithreaded webpage loading, is full featured yet requires very few machine resources. Very easy to use.

harvester email search email harvester e-mail extractor e-mail locator email finder email addresses mailing list fast easy multithreaded email address extraction websites supports keywords

icon software

IconLover by Aha-soft

IconLover lets you scan your files, folders and local drives for icons. Program stores all found icon information in icon collection files (ICC) or icon libraries (ICL). You can copy individual icons to the clipboard or save them as ICO or BMP files.

icon ico search find manager collection library icons iconos librerias bmp dll utility find icons files folders drives manage icon collections

advanced email locator software

Advanced Email Locator by Tweak Marketing Inc.

AEL is designed for processing e-mail address lists to obtain detailed information, including country of e-mail address registration (and state for addresses in USA), domain owner's name, address, and some other data.

advanced email locator direct target targeting e-mail country email e-mail ael whois advanced email locator maillist mailinglist excel mailist e-mail marketing software advancedemaillocator windows programs utility tool shareware software

traceroute software

VisualRoute by Visualware Inc.

VisualRoute is a graphical Traceroute program that automatically analyzes Internet connectivity, and identifies the geographical location of IP addresses, showing them on a global map. Includes email tracking, ping grapher and Whois info.

traceroute tracert connectivity ping whois visual trace ip trace ip routing packet loss ip location ip tracking ip lookup traceroute utility analyzing web connection problems locating ips

search software

Instant File Name Search by SOW

Instant File Name Search (IFNS) is a fast, free and easy to use search tool. Instantly search files by name or wildcards on your computer or local network.

search find instant free file name instantly search files name wildcards computer local network


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