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living software

Living Rainforest by RI Soft Systems

It is a jungle out there. Now feel the Amazon from your desktop. This screensaver includes many subtle animations of wildlife in a rainforest against photo-realistic backgrounds. Also included are jungle sounds and music in the background.

living rainforest rain amazon forest turtle birds macaw screensaver screen saver riss frog butterfly tropical rainforest subtle animations jungle noises background music

winsock software

N-Tier File by N-Tier Alchemy

Allows VB6 Developers to seamlessly add file transfer capabilities to their applications. The DLL allows for TCP/IP file transfers for text, picture, and .exe (Binary) files through methods that remove the complexity of WINSOCK programming.

winsock tcp-ip tcpip application server chat vb6 library database utility e-mail email file transfer pc to pc client-server ntier n-tier ado oledb visual basic n-tier slam stored procedures development tools business rules connect

excel software

Excel Compare by XL Consulting GmbH

Excel Compare is a tool that allows you to compare and update Excel files, Excel spreadsheets and individual ranges of sheets. Excel Compare performs the following functions: 1. mark differences, 2. create a difference report, 3. update Excel files

excel compare update sheet file workbook range xls data cell utility utility comparison document visual difference business analysis differences report changed added removed odbc access

audio software

AwCOM by FMJ-Software

The Awave Streaming Audio Converter COM library v3 from FMJ-Software, or AwCOM 3 for short, can easily be used from a variety of languages ? VisualBasic, Delphi, C++, .NET, and many more. It is used to converting between different audio file formats.

audio sound vb delphi c c sdk library software development converter file format awcom awave streaming audio converter com library

quick software

Quick Reply by ErstenWare

Quick Reply is a tool that provides you with everything you need to quickly create e-mail messages consisting of frequently used sentences, which can be used both for answering frequently asked questions and for composing new messages.

quick reply create e-mail message quick reply fast write e-mails consisting frequently used sentences

time clock software

JD Punch Clock by

JD Punch Clock IS Your Complete Employee Time/Punch Clock solution easily manages all employee punches, while saving you time by automatically calculating their time for you. No longer will you spend hours manually processing time cards.

time clock software time clock system time punch clock time clock complete employee time clock management software reporting

photo printing software

ACD FotoSlate by ACD Systems

ACD FotoSlate is the easy-to-use photo printing software for home users and professionals. Print photos in popular sizes including 4x6 and 5x7. Make print sheets, albums, calendars, cards and contact sheets. Use pre-made pages or create your own.

photo printing software digital photo digital photo printing print templates contact sheets print printing printing software photo software digital imaging photo printer fast easy creative way print photos professional results


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