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search software

Search Launcher by NetStarlight Software

Launch searches and highlight search results directly from your desktop without the need of going to the search sites first. Stand-alone application, supports unlimited search sites and is compatible with all browsers. Easy-to-use. Free try!

search searches searching launch launcher search toolbar deskbar highlight keyword search term launch searches highlight search results directly desktop

file synchronizer software

FolderMatch by Salty Brine Software

Use FolderMatch to compare and sync your files and folders so you will always have the most current data. Ideal for people in business, for people who burn CDs, or for anyone who keeps multiple copies of files. Stay in sync with a button click.

file synchronizer file compare utility file compare backup program file folder directory compare synchronize backup folder match synchronization file synchronization folder match file comparison software duplicate file finder windiff quickly easily compare synchronize folders files foldermatch

morovia data matrix barcode font software

Morovia Data Matrix Barcode Fontware by Morovia Corporation

Morovia Data Matrix Barcode Font use reed-solomon algorithm for ECC 200 error checking and correcting level. Data Matrix symbology could encode virtually everyting including ASCII character, extended characters, unicode characters and binaries.

morovia data matrix barcode font ecc200 reed-solomon algorithm free data matrix encoder morovia data matrix barcode font reed-solomon algorithm ecc 200

morovia pdf417 barcode font software

Morovia PDF417 Barcode Fontware by Morovia Corporation

Morovia PDF417 Barcode Font use reed-solomon algorithm for error checking and correction. PDF417 symbology could encode virtually everyting including alphanumerics and binaries. Morovia PDF417 Barcode Font provides 5 aspect ratios to choose from.

morovia pdf417 barcode font reed-solomon algorithm free pdf417 encoder morovia pdf417 barcode font reed-solomon error checking correction

transparent software

Actual Transparent Windows by Actual Tools

Add transparency effect to any window such as Taskbar, WinAmp, Menus, Instant Messengers and others in Windows 2000/XP. You can set individual transparency rate from 0% (solid) to 100% (fully transparent) for each window to achieve the desired effect

transparent window translucent semi-transparent taskbar plugin skin addin addon winamp instant messenger start menu popup menus ghost add transparency effect window such taskbar winamp menus others

photo software

PhotoMix Collage by fCoder Group, Inc

PhotoMix is a handy tool for photo enhancement and collage creation. With PhotoMix you can take one or several images, arrange and enhance them with numerous artistic effects, including borders and artistic effects and export as image or print.

photo collage edit photo editor combine jpeg print effect artistic make collage enhance adding borders numerous artistic effects

spam software

(STEVEN) by Software Development Pty Ltd

(STEVEN) The new way to eliminate spam with a newly designed self validation system that puts spam in its place and doesn't rely on key lists.

spam internet email advanced blocking validating self fast net steven spam solution works


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